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  1. igloo

    Grown in Turkey?

    Great link. Thank You.
  2. igloo

    Those We Have Loved!

    Well that beats being a votary.
  3. igloo

    Those We Have Loved!

    Careful you might incite the fiefs. :nana:
  4. igloo

    Moratorium On Brains

    I really wanted a battery operated car until I figured out the real environmental foot print.
  5. igloo

    Those We Have Loved!

    Jonesing went wacko .I miss Fred Bass one time he posted about smoking some aged blend that was like 40 bucks for one ounce . There have been many along the way that have come and gone. Just glad they stopped by and shared along the way. Jvnshr I will take you on your word no need to prove...
  6. igloo

    What Pipe Finishes Are Dissolved by Water?

    I think he will get there he already managed to strip the finish. No use stopping now it is going to look fantastic when finished.
  7. igloo

    White Whale DE Safety Razor

    I use a Merkur Futur and Feather blades . Best money I ever spent. Some day I want to get the Vision.
  8. igloo

    My Pet Peeves.

    People who like to think they are English professors correcting people does not make you superior it just makes you a apathetic person.
  9. igloo

    Jvnshr is Now a Mod

    Congrats just remember if you quit you will disappear to Siberia or so I have been told .
  10. igloo

    What Pipe Finishes Are Dissolved by Water?

    Murphy's wood oil soap can dissolve the wax and attack the finish and hot water only helps . I use vodka and not a lot of it to clean up old estate pipes . A small Qtip dipped in olive oil is more than enough to refresh the lost finish. I like to let it dry for a day or so then wipe of the...
  11. igloo

    Hillbilly Logic

    Nah your ok but some people are just gifted at birth and yet they somehow survive. :crazy:
  12. igloo

    List the 3 Things You Would Like to Have

    Health,Health and some damn grandkids to spoil rotten . I also need a new pair of flip flops and some 12lb fishing line .And that's all I need .
  13. igloo

    EMMYS Anyone?

    Sounds like a whole lotta fun . I like Linda Hunt from NCIS LA she plays Henrietta and is intriguing and mysterious .
  14. igloo

    Ha! Hobi1dog Is Back!

    Glad to see you back Marty and distressed at your turn of events .
  15. igloo


    What Sable said is spot on .