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  1. hunterwold1

    What Music Are You Listening To? (October 2017)

    Alison Kraus and Union Station
  2. hunterwold1

    How Did You Get Started?

    I was at a church bazaar and found a black leather pouch with an estate Vauen briar pipe inside it that had been well cared for. I purchased it for twenty-five cents. I was 57 years old and had never even tried a cigarette in my life. There was something that drew me to it. A friend who is a...
  3. hunterwold1

    Do You Still Have Your First Pipe?

    Yes! A beautiful estate Vauen I purchased at a church bazaar for two bits. Meerschaum-lined bowl in great condition. Deep rich ruby brown smooth briar bowl. Still smokes like a dream.
  4. hunterwold1

    New Pipe Smoker and I am a woman and I love it!

    Welcome Shelby! Always great to welcome a new pipe smoker.
  5. hunterwold1

    What got you into pipe smoking?

    I heard that my father smoked a pipe before I was born. We had a neighbour who smoked a pipe and I remember liking the smell of the pipe tobacco even when I was small. I never smoked at all until my grandson was born and the other grandfather and I and the son-in-law each smoked a cigar to...
  6. hunterwold1

    Origins of User Names?

    For a number of years I have been turning pens, Christmas ornaments, and other items on my lathe. When I was looking for what to name my business I decided to make it unique. I combined a name from my ancestral roots in Scotland - my great grandmother was from the Hunter clan in Scotland - and...
  7. hunterwold1

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (May 2014)

    In the last 24 hours - Frog Morton's Cellar in my Butz Choquin Concerti Churchwarden; Sillem's Black in my Meerschawm Churchwarden; and Boswell Northwoods in my Stanwell (Sixten Ivarson) Royal Guard.
  8. hunterwold1

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (April 2014)

    Willem's Black in a GBD standard apple.
  9. hunterwold1

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (April 2014)

    Hyde Park in my Meerschaum churchwarden; and Ashton Arisan's Blend in my Peterson Mark Twain. Happy Easter, everyone!
  10. hunterwold1

    Clergy Pipe Smokers.

    I have been an ordained clergy for 35 years. I had never tried a cigarette and had no desire to smoke. I had a cigar on the occasion of the birth of my first grandchild and found I did not mind it at all. At a church rummage sale, of all things, I found a pipe and purchased it for twenty-five...
  11. hunterwold1

    What are You Smoking? February 1, 2014

    Finally had a warm enough day on Saturday(+4C) to sit out for a little while and enjoy a bowl. I smoked some Frog Morton's Cellar in my Butz-Choquin churchwarden. After a month and a half of no pipe it was fantastic - tasted great.
  12. hunterwold1

    What are You Smoking? January 1, 2014

    Frog Morton's Cellar in my Stanwell briar free hand horn.
  13. hunterwold1

    I Do Not Have Cancer

    Glad for your good news!
  14. hunterwold1

    To Everyone Experiencing the "Deep Freeze"

    Hey Skapunk, nice to have it warming up a little. -11C when I caught the bus this am in Nepean.
  15. hunterwold1

    What's in the Mail? (Today's Purchase)

    Waiting for an order of Hobbit's Weed from Tewksbury! Should be here any day!