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    A Good Smoke With Captain Beefheart (Pics)

    Just got offered the job! I'll start with them in March. Can't wait!
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    A Good Smoke With Captain Beefheart (Pics)

    I'm torn on Zappa. Let's hear it for Tom Waits, though!
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    A Good Smoke With Captain Beefheart (Pics)

    Floopy Boot Stomp!!! Love that song, was the first of his that I ever heard.
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    A Good Smoke With Captain Beefheart (Pics)

    Been a while since I've had a chance to roam the message boards and even longer since I've posted anything pipe related. I miss this place! Had a very successful interview/lunch with the owner of a masonry company today, looks like I'll have a nice job lined up at the end of my season with the...
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    Ring Thing

    Here's a comparison shot of the rings. Quite a bit of difference between new and old!
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    Ring Thing

    I did it, finished the wax models of Shannen's engagement and wedding rings! As you'd expect from Harvey, here are a bunch of words too many photos. I wanted to base the engagement ring on a ring I'd made for Shannen the summer after we'd started dating. That ring, below, was hammered out of...
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    Surviving the Weather

    After about two months of living in MN, I can comfortably state that my earlier hypothesis - which stated that Minnesota is too cold for any sane human to live in - is true. Yes, yes, I'm still alive. But I'm so, so cold. Been working at a ski resort, so I'm outside most days, no matter the...
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    Right Now

    Terrible quality photo, hope you get some of the idea. Sitting outside after a long work day, enjoying my pipe and trying to stay warm. I'm at the tail end of a nasty cold, just getting all of my sense of taste back. Filled my bowl with a mix of McC No.27 and Beacon Extra, a tasty combo...
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    My First Bowl Of Kajun Kake

    I believe it would intensify, but even this Perique nut isn't experienced enough for a definitive answer. All I know is that I'm more excited than ever to give Kajun K a shot!
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    1902 Cutty with Amber Stem And Colored Meerschaum????

    Could it be that pressed Meer I've heard about? I remember someone saying that it behaves much differently than block.
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    Status Update and a Two-Wheeled Lunt

    Took a seasonal job at Afton Alps, a small ski resort outside of Minneapolis. My position is lift operator which means that six of my seven days are spent outside helping people onto chairs, shoveling snow, smashing ice, and being chilly. On Wednesdays I have off, so today I took my bicycle...
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    Suggestions For 'Work' Smoke.

    Daughters and Ryan Two Timer or straight Izmir Turkish from C&D. Those are two of my favorire "work" tobaccos!
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    Almost Time!

    Can't believe you've made it! I can never wait for something like that. Enjoy it!
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    Just Been A Little Busy

    I'm still around, folks, just a bit full-up in the schedule area. Tried some Beacon Extra yesterday and loved it, that'll get reviewed as soon as I get a chance, don't know when that'll be. WE'll see when I find the time! (And warmth...)