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  1. havanarick

    Brands or tobacco type that age well

    i have some tobacco tins that i have had since 2010, i wonder if they are still good. :?:
  2. havanarick

    List the 3 Things You Would Like to Have

    1) A"tankard" shape pipe 2) A Dublin shape pipe 3) A "Bing" shaped pipe
  3. havanarick

    What Are You Smoking?(August 2012)

    some good tobacco Chris sent me in a pipe that Chris sent me.. :puffy:
  4. havanarick

    Giant Ardor

    wow! Did you have to register that thing?
  5. havanarick

    Quitting the nails

    congrats, I really need to quit! I smoke cigarettes, cigars, a pipe and nasal snuff. I will smoke a cigar and a cigarette at the same time and go and light a pipe right after! 8O I think it is time to quit.
  6. havanarick

    Birthday Presents

    Happy Birthday and very nice set of pipes..
  7. havanarick

    Five Brothers....

    anyone wanting to let some five brothers go please let me know! I really am wanting to try this so called strong tobacco that everyone talks about..... :worship:
  8. havanarick

    Worst Case of Tongue Burn Ever! (Cartoon)

    I can relate, great cartoon! :clap:
  9. havanarick

    What am I Missing Here?

    nsfisher, its just a corn cob!!
  10. havanarick

    Is Pipe Smoking Growing?

    This place is the Zen of pipe smoking man and i love it... :clap:
  11. havanarick

    Post Count Taken Away.....

    Just want to clear things up a bit. To all you noobies " you cannot buy, sell or trade unless you have more than 50 post" GOD I FEEL BETTER! :rofl:
  12. havanarick

    Very strange Kaywoodie on ebay

    seems to me he likes the words "rare and pristine", i call B.S.
  13. havanarick

    MM Corn Cob Pipe Production Ceased!

    They are great articles although sad it may be..This years drought really sucks!
  14. havanarick

    Who is (are) your favorite tobacco makers?

    Hearth and Home(any) and McClelland (any) Actually any tobacco!!!!!
  15. havanarick

    Today Is Truely A Sad Day

    my best wishes go out to all, (i feel your pain bro)