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  1. hanymamdouh

    Eurotrip and Pipe smoking

    @tuold, thanks friend. I wish we could have a meeting too. Particularly, cousin will be a good guide through Milan and Venice, but she had never been to Geneva nor Vienna, So I'm still looking for more info. @drennan. Thanks for the precious info friend. If you can arrange a trip to Paris I will...
  2. hanymamdouh

    Eurotrip and Pipe smoking

    Seems that no European members here ?????
  3. hanymamdouh

    Eurotrip and Pipe smoking

    Dear Gentlemen and pipe smokers, I'm very happy returning back to my best forum on Internet. I was drowning in work duties and waiting a new baby, hence my time was very limited. As most of you may know, I'm Egyptian, and never been to Europe before. Well, I'm planning a trip to Europe for my...
  4. hanymamdouh

    Pipesmoking in Paris

    Enjoy your trip friend. I will visit Paris next November during my eurotrip. i was afraid of smoking laws in Europe especially in Paris, your post killed my worry.
  5. hanymamdouh

    New ST.Patricks Day Pipe 2012

    Nice pipe and a great deal, you are lucky man. Pipe is great, silver band adds classy touch, althout it would be perfect if it was p/lip instead of fish tale. Enjoy smoking that great pipe, I'm willing to see it physically next time we meet.
  6. hanymamdouh

    Show Us Your Dogs!

    Here is my best friend Cooper, American Pitbull Terrier. It was 15 months in the photo. 100_3431 by hanymamdouh, on Flickr
  7. hanymamdouh

    Davidoff pipes and tobacco

    I've smoked almost all of Davidoff tobacco, only Scottish and Danish mixtures satisfies me. Flake Medallions is also great tobacco but its price is very high (I got it from Dubai at 27$ per 50g tin) and I think it doesn't worth that price. Blue mixture is well tolerated mixture for starters but...
  8. hanymamdouh

    iPhone / Android Desktops (Wallpaper)

    Nice wallpapers, I'm going to use one of them if you don't mind.
  9. hanymamdouh

    Who Went To College?

    I went, 5 years of college attendance and got bachelor of mechanical engineering - Power Dept. and 4 years of computer science diploma. In the near future I will attend MBA sessions.
  10. hanymamdouh

    Brazilian Tobacco!

    Very nice, waiting for your review and critique!
  11. hanymamdouh

    Davidoff Red Mixture

    Not that interesting tobacco IMHO, black cavendish is not that good, viginia ribon cut not mellowed correctly. I felt tobacco is missing something, I couldn't feel a rich falvour indeed. BTW it is a little bit coarse and better to somke it in a large bowl pipe.
  12. hanymamdouh

    Updated Pics of the Kids!

    Irish, they are very cute, Hadley seems to be very playful. May god bless them.
  13. hanymamdouh

    Silhouette pipe smoker

    @gnatjulio, very nice shot too, I was always fond of silhouette photography and had a lot shots like that. Using DSLR gives you a chance to get high contrast that sharpens edges of your subject and emphasizes it with help of strobes and off-camera flashes. As you can see in my photo, all edges...