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  1. Gus

    I Caved and Bought my First Expensive Pipe

    so beauty, enjoy with health
  2. Gus


    wellcome from Balearic Islands
  3. Gus

    Major Hypocrite Checking Back In [{ 2 New Nate King Pipes }]

    I think it's not just the craftsmanship, it's evident that he is a superb carver, the architecture is impeccable, the bore perfect, how the pipe sits in your mouth and you enjoy it. His designs and interpretations of classic forms are within the reach of very few, that is genius, without a...
  4. Gus

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    good day all, Capstan Blue with perique in a Ardor
  5. Gus

    Peterson & Savinelli Arrived

    enjoy it with health
  6. Gus

    Love for Lovats, Anyone?

    thank you @tobefrank
  7. Gus

    I just Gotta Cut Back!

    I hope your health improves. I have serious health problems, among them high blood pressure, I take medication for it, it caused me cerebral microinfarcts and neurological lesions, among others chronic headache, chronic migraines and insomnia. I am closely monitored by doctors, especially one...
  8. Gus

    Major Hypocrite Checking Back In [{ 2 New Nate King Pipes }]

    I fear the worst... I leave it here for now...I hope you are enjoying them.
  9. Gus

    Nomenclature OCD - Is Dunhill So Collectible Because Of All That Nomenclature?

    Harris, you have a great colection of artisan pipes... I think that Jack is not exactly one of those artisans of today who make "strange" shapes and charge 600 USD, but rather moves in his interpretations of classic shapes and some freehand but nothing "strange". that said, Jack's prices, I'm...
  10. Gus

    Love for Lovats, Anyone?

    my last Lovat, a Larryson, still "unbroken"
  11. Gus

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    good night all, GL Pease Windjammer in a Nate King
  12. Gus

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    3 x GLP Telegarph Hill 3 x GLP Temple Bar 3 x John Aylesbury Classic Flake 3 x 145th Anniversary Savinelli 5 x 50 gr McBaren Virginia nº 1 8 Oz Kramers Extra smoth 4 Oz Long Cut perique C&D 200 gr Motzek Puh Wap Wap 100 gr Motzek Vb Twist 300 gr Motzek Strang - (Curly Strang) the new version
  13. Gus

    What are You Reading Now?

    I am re-reading "The Terror" by Dan Simmons. I plan shortly, well, before the end of the year and when I finish the current thing, to build the scale reproduction of the ship and it is never too much to reread a good novel.
  14. Gus

    Meerschaum Insert on a Calabash

    wellcome from Balearic islands
  15. Gus

    Hey from Fredericksburg Texas

    wellcome from Balearic Islands