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  1. guhrillastile

    Questions About Dr. Grabow

    I just was thinning the herd and sent away a pipe that must by far be one of the best looking Grabows in existence. Yes a tall statement. But just wait for the pics. When the recipient gets his package I'm sure he will show it off. He collects Grabows and is somewhat a local expert in these...
  2. guhrillastile

    Would You Pay to Smoke Indoors?

    Cart ahead of the horse a bit but it can leave room for an assistant or such without the cramped quarters down the road... And buy a air purifier. Not just for the neighbors. It will keep it from becoming like an old boot you spend all day in. Congrats!
  3. guhrillastile

    Would You Pay to Smoke Indoors?

    Go bigger if you have the luxury. Let the increased hard costs motivate you to push a lil harder in the biz. Good for the soul to spread out a bit too.
  4. guhrillastile

    Friday Afternoon At the Ritz...

    You poor things... You just look miserable. Lol. Jk A great cause and glad you participated. Seems that lil turtle is a photo magnet for sneeking into ops. Looks like a great time to be had. So nice to see both of you involved and active together. Very nice.
  5. guhrillastile

    Watching the Watchers (Bidding Site Reference)

    And no one has asked but I would prefer to not give any links. Just thought to say that outright. Not intending on advertising with this thread. Just the comrade of other sellers and enjoying the flock circling for the kill. I'm just watching my screen and twisting my mustache. In my head I...
  6. guhrillastile

    Watching the Watchers (Bidding Site Reference)

    Not leaving any links or spamming. Just commenting on how much I enjoy watching the watchers. I have 30 auctions going, approx 1500 views combined, and almost 600 watchers...but only a handful of tiny token starting bids. The nature of the feeding frenzy is in last bit of the auction so I know...
  7. guhrillastile

    Dropping a Pipe

    As its said when catching an object midfall amongst friends locally... Like a NINJA!!
  8. guhrillastile

    Show Off Your Self-Made Pipes Here!

    Nicely done Davem94. Tasteful choices on design and stain color to bring in out. Welcome to the forum!
  9. guhrillastile

    What Brand/Artisan is Most Represented in Your Collection?

    I thinned down and managed my rotation recently to more closely stay to what I enjoy smoking rather than enjoy owning. Strange sounding when I explain it like that but I'm sure everyone understands. I had one heck of a time sorting and whittling my group down. Turned out to have the batches. My...
  10. guhrillastile

    Peterson stem replacements - what fits?!

    I'm not trying to sound glib but plenty of us have lathes and can turn one for you. What's outside shank diameter its mating up to? I'm booked solidly through the season but if no one pops in then I will do it after the new year. Really hate leaving a piper in need but I just am buried at the...
  11. guhrillastile

    Sasieni Superb Six and Perfect Ten

    I only have two Sasieni pipes. Both great smokers. Both are early two dot models. Red/blue dots on vulcanite stems. Good feel in the hand. Great fit and finish that really extends to the improve the smoking experience. Like the way a good early Gasparini or Cellini does. They are two dot so a...
  12. guhrillastile

    Can You Believe, I'm Still Moving Leaves?

    I got caught fast this season. Business is good. I'm thankful and humbled by the volume and demand but it allows little time for much else. Yard is still covered in last load that finally fell. Almost daily now I drive up to the house in shame. I am paused for a coffee break. Briar caked in...
  13. guhrillastile

    Briefcase - Important Business Items!

    The pockets above? Can't forget tampers, and of course rolled mini drying mats. Spare bic lighters etc..
  14. guhrillastile

    Briefcase - Important Business Items!

    Should be good for an afternoon... I have a smaller style old pelican case I did up for camping just to play it off nonchalantly around the campfire for reactions of my mates. Utterly beyond rediculous. But also great fun. Nice job.