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    FS: Gawith & McConnell 6/28/20

    BBF is gone. What is available is: Squadron Special FVF Scottish Cake
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    FS: Gawith & McConnell 6/28/20

    Yes due to my cardiologist and my wife I am having to quit. Something about cracking my chest open and replacing a couple of arteries this past February kind of made them think it was time to give up the pipe. I was at least a three bowl a day guy.
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    FS: Gawith & McConnell 6/28/20

    Cabbies is gone!
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    FS: Gawith & McConnell 6/28/20

    Gawith and McConnell 6/28/20 Gawith BBF: 2x 4y/o tins and 1 5y/o -- $25 each Cabbies: 1 tin bought Sep last year - $20 Squadron Leader Special 2019 - $40 each or both for $75 FVF jarred almost 2 years ago approx. 4 oz -- $35 McConnell Scottish Cake: 2x 3y/o tins -- $20 Add $5 shipping...
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    Mac Baren HH Rustica Review

    I had to mix my tin of Bold Kentucky with FVF so I don't think this would have been a tobacco for me.
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    Northern Briars Bent Billiard 6/3/20

    Northern Briars group 5 bent billiard in his Premiere grade/coloring. This has been smoked and there are a couple of scratches/indentations (they don't go through the finish) on the bowl. Please see pictures. Great smoker, however, it is difficult to run a pipe cleaner all the way through due to...
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    Savinelli 140th Anniversary vs Sansepolcro

    140 is a tobacco that I think I like more than I do. I reach for it every now and then and then about 1/2 through the bowl realize it is not as good as I thought it was. It is weird how this has happened more than once.
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    Stem Material

    Askwith uses a polyester stem material that I like almost as much as vulcanite.
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    Preferred Pipes And Methods For Flakes

    It always depended on the flake for me as to fold and stuff or rub out.
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    Cleaning House And Bout To Unload!

    And I thought I had a bit to sell off . . . .
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    2 tins of Davidoff Flake Medallions, 2 tins of H&H Fleet Commander and one tin of Bengal Slices White. Popped the Bengal and I don't get it as it is so light in taste other than a wee bit of latakia.
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    JimInks Crashed My Phone

    It is a special voice to text program he is using called "Howdy Partner: fer yell'n at the magic box."
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    SG Hansom Flake, First Impressions

    Wait, coco and not old lady perfume . . . . now I want some too.
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    LJ Peretti

    Royal. Though Cambridge Flake is very nice too.