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  1. goldsm

    Trade My Pelican For "Yo' Momma"

    Mama's chicken is closed because Yo' mamma was there.
  2. goldsm

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2015)

    PS LBF in a Savinelli aged briar canadian.
  3. goldsm

    My next pipe buying pay day Thursday need suggestions

    +1 to Boswell's. It's beautiful pipe indeed.
  4. goldsm

    Overwhelmed by the generosity

    What a good thing happen here. congrat all of you.
  5. goldsm

    Peter Heinrichs--Cologne

    Too bad you didn't pick up Heinrich own brand pipes. They are excellent pipes. How many their own brand pipes are there? How about own brand tobaccos?
  6. goldsm

    What would you do? Stem/Button broken

    I do have just one dot Brigham rusticated dublin made in Canada. It is great smoker and looks beautiful. I want more always but can not complain about didn't have more.
  7. goldsm

    Stinger Cleaning

    My Jeantet Comfort pipe has a screwed stinger. When I do clean it I do screwed out. Put in alcohol(71%) about an hour and wash with water throughly. After dry just screwed in.
  8. goldsm

    I swear I have full control

    Nice Apple! If you use 1 pipe a day all the other pipe rest 4 days. If use 2 pipes a day other pipes can rest 2 days. That pretty enough rotation to me. Congrat and Happy Smoking.
  9. goldsm

    What would you do? Stem/Button broken

    This is what I did to fix my stem. 1. Fold a little paper and insert to stem button/lip side's air hole(to make flat). 2. Add vulcanite dust top of that and then cover with 2 or 3 drops of superglue. 3. let it dry and completely form(about 5 to 6 hours) 4. With stainless steel nail file make...
  10. goldsm

    how many different blends do you have?

    28 blends I'v been smoking so far and now I got 15 blends in my cellar.
  11. goldsm

    Smoke Pipe How Much Before Resting?

    One week rest for one two three... smoke will be O.K. I guess.
  12. goldsm

    Bulldog With Teeth

    Definitely it has a personality. Good bulldog with a nice collar. Remind me a real English Bulldog.
  13. goldsm

    My first Briar!

    Nice italy pipe. I don't remember when I did pick up my first pipe. It was long long time ago. Now I do enjoying 80+ pipes and many kind of tobaccos. Congrat for start. Enjoy and Happy smoking.
  14. goldsm

    Cleaning the Stem

    This is what I do for clean stem. 1.Put stem into warm water with oxiclean(water 10: oxiclean 1) for about a day. 2.buff out with wet sand paper(at least 1200 grit or higher)and use shank blush for stem inside clean with alcohol. 3.Wash stem with cool water and wipe out with towel and pipe...