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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    Enjoying a morning pipe of Condor in a small Westminister billiard with a nice and sturdy vulcanite stem. Black coffee.
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    A Year On The High Seas

    Now, what I want to know is, does the Black Frigate carry Letters of Marque? Or are you guys all running the risk of being hanged at the yardarm upon capture?
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    How to Prevent Nausea While Smoking?

    Are you taking time between puffs/sips? If you are already smoking slowly, this may not help, but if you are smoking too quickly it could be cutting short your oxygen intake and making the nausea worse for you.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    A straight MM Legend full of Fillmore by G. L. Pease is my morning pipe, with black coffee. Recently I've started cleaning and restoring all my briars back to their full glory, waiting 'til I get them all done before I start any of them back into the rotation in order to motivate myself to get...
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    Lots of Snow Forecast Today!

    We also got the slush, here, along the coast of New England. Snow throughout the night, then icy rain and thunder, and now slush and rain throughout the morning and back to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe next time, snow gods...
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    I guess I'll admit that, in my initial posts on this thread, my language was quite ungentlemanly and regrettable. I'll apologize for that and, though I stand by my opinions, I now feel that perhaps I should have just kept some of those thoughts to myself. I have no stake in the re-sale market...
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    Lots of Snow Forecast Today!

    I keep hearing about the snow coming to New England on Sunday/Monday.
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    Chicken Chaseing time.

    Interesting trivia: Some roots of the tradition of coffee with chicory can be traced back to the American Civil War. When the South was blockaded by the United States Navy, imported goods (like coffee) became an ever-dwindling (and eventually non-existent) and very expensive luxury provided only...
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    A Latakia Blend for Latakia Haters?

    Billy Budd Blonde is an amazing blend, as well. It's like the morning version of Billy Budd. Basically the Latakia is replaced with Perique. Just like the original, it can be rough around the edges when smoked to quickly, but a slow cadence really opens up the flavor. Blonde is one of the most...
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    New from Fl

    Howdy, glad to meet ya!
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    No Smoking For Awhile Due To Surgery

    Good luck with your recovery, and kudos to you for turning over a new leaf!
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    Oxidized Stem

    Yeah, I'm also on the lookout for the perfect logo restoration product for the stems I did before I got this stuff. I've been thinking about trying Rub N Buff, as I've seen it used on Rebornpipes with some success. Pretty much everything I know about restoring is lifted straight from...
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    A Latakia Blend for Latakia Haters?

    Some Billy Budd by Cornell & Diehl with about 6 months age on it is sublime. I like Latakia, but it's not my old stand by. I smoke mainly VAs, VA/Pers, Kentuckys, and everything in that area all day, and in the evening time I'll enjoy the heck out of a heavy Latakia blend, but Billy Budd is...
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    Oxidized Stem

    For heavy oxidation, the best and safest bet is Before and After Restoration Deoxidizer. It's magic at removing the oxidation, and it's very gentle on the stem, in fact I would say the stem comes out completely rejuvenated. A lot of the techniques that are good at removing oxidation are not very...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Just lit up some of G. L. Pease's Fillmore in the straight MM Legend. Still drinking black coffee.