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    Getting Consistently Good Experiences With FVF

    I found a "tobacco shop" that had 5-6 year old tins of fvf. Smoked it fine and was so good. Bought a box and used up a lot trying to get it to burn... How fine do you have to rub it out? I feel like it's chunky and doesn't compress together well leaving me with air pockets that don't stay lit
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    Does Savinelli Offer The Most Extensive Selection?

    When did savinelli start making pipes? I really wish they didn't default to 6mm, the adapter isn't a solution I like. Love 70s savinellis, though. Love their shape catalog, and if I could get a 504/121/904 with flawless briar I'd be the happiest dude.
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    Smoking Savinelli Filter Pipes Without Filter: Adapter or Not?

    Not a fan of modern savinellis because the adapter is okay at best, and I hated cleaning the chamber if I didn't use it. Cobs without adapters are way too open for me as well
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    What is Happening to the Rim of My New Pipe?

    I had a rossi from the era where the finished just straight up bubbled off. You'd think savinelli would get pipe finishing down after how many years in business?
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    Lee Van Cleef’s Timeless Meer

    Is one replica better than the other? Been eyeing one for a while
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    What's The Rap On The Bulldog Shape?

    My favorite pipe shape - love edges and the diamond shank. They have to have a saddle stem, though
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    Not Many Ascorti's Get Posted

    I like a lot of the old caminettos, but the modern radice/ascorti look so weirdly proportioned. They also tend to be in huge sizes
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    Royal Yacht

    Royal Yacht definitely tastes like virginia topped with british plum perfume It is to a va/per what egg cream is to a milkshake (a cheap facsimile that's interesting in its own right)
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    Why Are Some Tins So Big?

    Isn't there a European requirement mandating a minimum size for warning?
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    Really Bad Names for Tobacco...

    That's not a new dagner blend?
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    Straight Grain vs Birdseye vs Craggy

    Ken posts here from time to time, right? Are his new pipes made under his name? Always loved charatans and upshalls!
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    Straight Grain vs Birdseye vs Craggy

    I have to know, what are these two?
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    Anyone UP For a 1400.00 Savinelli?

    I wanted a giubileo d'or since I generally like savinelli's shapes - but man, their grading is super inconsistent. I've seen stunning pieces that would be high grade autographs, and I've seen stuff where I thought, "why's this not a punto Oro, at best" I had a 4 digit billiard that I thought...
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    "Giubileo d'Oro" What's In The Box? (Photo Heavy)

    Are the stems 6mm filtered? That bothered me more than the arcylics
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    Best Approach To Keep Rims From Excess Charring?

    I managed to scratch a pipe bowl while wiping build up with a dry paper towel... Must have had a piece of grit on it. Keep the flame off the bowl, and don't let the flame sit in one spot too long