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    What Music Are You Listening To? (November 2017)

    The Waterboys - This is the Sea and Fisherman's Blues
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    Your Most *Enduring* Blends

    Many blends jockey for the status of "favorite." Some blends eventually fall out of favor or are usurped by new discoveries or smoking ventures (at least for me). I'm curious about the blends which have stayed in your rotation over time--that is, those you always seem to return to or have...
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    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    Virginia flakes are always a chore (for me) to smoke, so I'm inclining more toward pouch-friendly, Burley forward cuts these days. My most recent find is Lane Ltd. Ready Rubbed. Nutty, mapley goodness, no bite, and a classic codger room-note. It's the tobacco analogue of comfort food. If quality...
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    Old Joe Krantz - Original vs. White

    I’ve order a few ounces of the original to try. I’m looking forward to it.
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    Old Joe Krantz - Original vs. White

    The blend description and reviews of OJK have convinced me to try it. The "white" variety seems intriguing, too. While I've read Jimlinks' reviews, I'm interested in more side-by-side comparisons before deciding whether to buy the latter (I have quite of bit to purchase and can't buy everything...
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    An Anni Kake-Like Blend Without Reds?

    It turns out that wide bowls complement Anni-Kake and make it more than tolerable for me. This is good news, indeed. Marlin Flake? No dice. So long as reds are a supportive player and not the main ingredient, I'm fine. I think.
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    Uhle's Blend #00

    There's a link to prices on their tobacco page (unsure about shipping costs). To save you the trouble, their tobacco runs between $6.45-$7.45 per 1.5 ounce. After some consideration, that's not terrible for quality bulk tobacco. John Patton's stuff is $4.10 per ounce. But stocking up by the...
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    Uhle's Blend #00

    This tobacco gets an occasional nod on this forum. It's really fantastic and fun to smoke--pure and simple yet not one-dimensional. JimInks and Pipestud have spot on reviews here: Reviews Unfortunately Uhle's blends are not cheap. While they're worth purchasing (especially if you live outside...
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    Burley, Yay or Nay

    I love codger and codger-inspired blends: Carter Hall, Butternut Burley, Stormfront, etc. They're like comfort food. Uhle's #00 is really good and a favorite. I just wish I could find a less expensive version of it. VaBurs are great, too.
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    An Anni Kake-Like Blend Without Reds?

    I've yet to try DNRs or St. James Flake. It's on the list! Strangely, The AK is smoking rather cool in my GBD quarter bent bulldog. Maybe this blend, smoked in the right pipe, could be tolerable given the various Vs and perique. :?:
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    An Anni Kake-Like Blend Without Reds?

    I love the smell and flavor of Anni Kake. But I'm afraid the reds will always prevent me from smoking it. Is there an approximate blend that leaves out the reds? This thread offered some good alternatives to Anni Kake, but I can't determine whether these are red-heavy: Old thread I welcome...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (November 2017)

    Cut Virginia Plug in a Charatan's Make Belvedere Smooth Poker.
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    Your Favorite Virginia Blends?

    So much great stuff. It's easy to fall down a rabbit hole and get overwhelmed when exploring the variety. For me, I focus on a fairly narrow range of Vs: medium strength, sweet & bready. I avoid reds for the most part (by the way, is FVF a red?). Browns and Golds are my go to's. Dunhill Flake...
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    Working My Way Through Burley Blends

    Good list. That will keep you busy. And yes, you’ll need to order the 00 directly from Uhle’s. EDIT: You absolutely need to put “storm front” on your list!