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  1. frost

    Show Off Your Cobs

    Not rare or old, but I suppose this is as good of a place as any to share. I just order two pipes from Old Dominion Pipe Company. This one is their "Laughing King" model, and is a great smoker. The bowl is on the small size, (my pipe tool fits perfectly) but is pretty tall and makes for a good...
  2. frost

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (April 2014)

    I've been enjoying Nightcap all weekend. After trying Escudo I can really pick up on the perique and am enjoying it immensely.
  3. frost

    Small Pipes

    Great pipes!
  4. frost

    Small Pipes

    I recently picked up this small bulldog as a freebie in an ebay lot auction. I've never really considered small pipes like this, but it is starting to grow on me. Tonight I enjoyed a bowl of Nightcap in it, which is a slow burner and provided a good 20 minute smoke. I'm thinking about dedicating...
  5. frost

    What's your everyday smoke and pipe?

    Dunhill 965 is my go-to tobacco, but I think of it as a town smoke. If I'm out in the woods I tend to prefer a Balkan like Black House. I smoke a rotation of pipes. Mainly Hardcastle's brand, of the billiard persuasion.
  6. frost

    Bowl Burn Out

    Maybe he is smoking his pipe while riding a motorcycle? 8O
  7. frost

    Old Tobacco Tin

    Neat find, thanks for sharing.
  8. frost

    Matches or Lighter?

    I found a refillable butane pipe lighter for about $12 that works great. The soft flame that comes out on the side is nice. I also read here about always keeping the bowl level during lights which has really helped to limit my rim scorching.
  9. frost

    Monday Pipe Meeting- Allentown, Reading, Bethlehem

    Looks like fun. I look forward to trying the new blend, hopefully it will be for sale soon!
  10. frost

    Working Document on Mason Jars

    Thank you for putting together this helpful document. One thing I've wondered is if the lids should pop down over time? I'm pretty sure that they are sealed, (I've made sure nothing is on the rim of the jars interfering with the seal) they just haven't formed a vacuum like you see in the regular...
  11. frost

    Nicotine in Dunhill My Mixture 965 - How Much

    I know that I like the amount of Nicotine in 965, and can feel a light buzz from it, whereas in my opinion Sutliff #5 seems weak and flat in comparison. It looks like in many tobacco reviews the strength of 965 is rated as "medium" while #5 is "mild to medium"
  12. frost

    New Hardcastle Pipes

    Thanks Anglesey, I've devoted that one in the upper right to VA/VAPers, (I smoke Latakia blends in the rest).
  13. frost

    New Hardcastle Pipes

    I haven't thought to check back on this thread in awhile. I'm enjoying the pipes very much, as well as my Hardcastle I bought from a B&M before this batch. The brand seems like a solid mid-range offering and the four that I have are all great smokers. BTW, looking back at my original post now, I...
  14. frost

    eBay description

    The most entertaining listing I've seen was for a "restored" pipe that clearly had an old hair sticking in the thick cake.
  15. frost

    Bulk Nitecap

    I've been very happy with the bulk EMP, 965 & Nightcap- three of my favorites. I'm enjoying a bowl of Nightcap right now, thanks for the suggestion!