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    A Mistake I Will Not Repeat

    I know of a guy who gave his wife a 6mth suscription to an online dating site dont know if they are still together francois1
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    Buying online from USA to uk

    Some time ago i bought a pipe and paid i think £13 royal mail charges and i duty was £13 was very ticked off i also got a set of corn cobs from mm paid more on handling charges i dont think i paid duty but think twice if you buy from europe you dont pay duty david
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    Trading tobacco across the atlantic?

    Would love to get some blends from the states but could not be bothered with the vat and that lovely term they use here in the uk handling charges£8 +vat david(SCOTLAND)
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    Cherry Aromatic Tobacco

    7 seas i started about 3 weeks ago and is now my main tobacco price is good and when i use my other blends (peterson) they are much more enjoyable My briar pipes for some reason now take a back seat my #1 pipe now is the good old corn(MM) david(SCOTLAND)
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    Corn Cobs?

    I have a small colection of 7 good branded briar pipes bought a gift pack of 4 cobs from the states and am now a cob convert only now ocassionaly smoke the briar when i do they are great but for me the cob is#1 david(SCOTLAND)
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    When i first started to smoke a pipe back in the early 70 i smoked mainly amphora and from what i recall it was a great tobacco that was when i lived in south africa recently i asked the tobacconest if he could get me some as there was none on his shelves for some reason they dont import the...
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    No White Christmas

    I wont complain here in glasgow they are very reluctant to grit the roads and we dont see to manny snow ploughs especially after last year which was bad david(SCT)
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    Still waiting for the Snow..South Ontario

    I am not going to push my luck on this one not after our winter last year at times it was -15 at midday a normal trip in the car that would take 20 min took 1 and half hrs david(SCOTLAND)
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    Meerschaum pipes

    I am very keen to get a meerscham but am not certain to get a vaune lined or the complete meresham any thoughts on the different styles thanks david(SCOTLAND) ps my gift pack of cobs arrived from mm very happy except for the usual import tarifs i get the****with the customs charges but so...
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    Oil Cured Peterson?

    I have been looking at the range of peterson i find them strange have not seen the silver band befor wonder if they are not specially made for them they also seem a bit on the high side price wise david
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    Corn Cob Pipes? Well if you haven't tried one - You Oughta!

    HERE in the uk only the legioned is available. I bought 1 a few weeks ago was so impressed that i am now waiting for a delivery from mm i ordered a gift set of 4 as shipping was $16 to make it worthwhile hope the order arrives this week the corn cob is as good if not better than the rest of...
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    Military Mounts?

    I have one now for 6mths and have no problem to take the stem out when it is hot actually one of my favourite pipes/tobacco combination david
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    The best place to buy a corn cob pipe?

    I placed my order with MM and am just waiting for the mail man to arrive here in scotland there is only the legion available so i ordered the gift pack 4 for $24 postage $16 just hope it is air mail my last order from the states took 5 weeks to arrive .Bought a cob 1 week ago and it stands up...
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    Peterson System - Does Shape Matter?

    TRY the peterson kirlarny 999 one of my favourites david ps difficult i find my other petersons just as good goes with pipe/tobacco combo
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    British Gents, A Little Help Please

    HI i have been living in sct for 5 years now and still strugle to get the currency i come origionally from south africa there we deel in 10/100/1000 just like the dollar that i understand but the pound for me difficutl but i do understand is i am always broke ,that would be universal world...