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  1. franbo

    Dr. John Has Left the Stage, RIP

    Grateful that Dr. Teeth’s Electric Mayhem Band led me to discover Dr. John and Voodoo Funk at a very impressionable age. ‘Can you picture that?’ Thanks Jim Henson. Thanks Dr. John. RIP both of you.
  2. franbo

    Sanding Pipe, Restoring Pipe, Bubble Finish

    Concur w mso. I, in 30, years have only ‘bubbled‘ one pipe, and that one, while defective, I indeed smoked too hot. If it is hot to touch, it’s smoked too hot. Slow and cool is a challenge. Best of luck.
  3. franbo

    MM Cobs As Permanent Pipes

    My cobs reside in my truck, tackle box and jacket pocket. As I burn through them (the bottoms eventually burn through) or I break them, I throw them away. They are my favorite pipes for burley blends, mostly a summertime thing.
  4. franbo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    Peretti - London Flake - Butz Choquin ‘Savoir Faire’, front porch on a beautiful night in Alabama.
  5. franbo

    Tobacco for Cellar

    Never understood cellaring until I smoked a 20 year old Montecristo that I received on my wedding day and had aged appropriately in my humidor. Mind blowing experience as I generally smoke them as I buy them. Same thereafter with a GLP Ravens Wing I that had kept for a rainy day. Been smoking...
  6. franbo

    Hello from Northampton

    Ollie, Greetings from Alabama. Drove through there in ‘81 after visiting Coventry. Welcome and enjoy.
  7. franbo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Semi aged, Half SIXPENCE, half Peretti LONDON flake. I’m not a dark fired fan but together is very tolerable in my fav no-name billiard with a rubber bit ;-)
  8. franbo

    Old smoker, new to online

    Thanks fordm60. I’m happy I PCS’d to Alabama this past summer. My wife is even happier! However, FYSA, my 10MTN time was entirely spent at Fort Polk with the 4IBCT and subsequently the 3IBCT (the red headed step child of the Division).
  9. franbo

    Old smoker, new to online

    Thanks Weez, enjoying an unexpected day off.
  10. franbo

    Old smoker, new to online

    Thanks Harris. Sunny Florida sounds nice about now to me.
  11. franbo

    Old smoker, new to online

    Thanks Paul.
  12. franbo

    Testing the Draw Pre Purchase

    When I started smoking pipes in the 80’s, I was encouraged to draw from the pipes before I purchased by the B&M pipe shops that dotted Boston. As a matter of fact, we would look into a mirror as well to see what style of pipe “fit our face” ... Times, and hygiene, have changed. You used to be...
  13. franbo

    New fella from Michigan

    Welcome. As far as Frog Morton replacement goes, I find Pease Maltese Falcon quite similar to the original FM. Especially after a year or two cellared. Syrian Latakia is now a memory.
  14. franbo

    Pipe Bowl Pre-Carbonization....Love It? Hate It?

    No significant difference for me. Breaking in a non carbonized bowl just takes time and patience. I presume I’m not as careful with pre carbonized bowls; but it’s never been a dealbreaker either.
  15. franbo

    whats your store

    South of you in Boston are 2 great brick n mortar stores - Leavitt & Peirce In Harvard Sq. and my favorite, L J Peretti on the Common at Park Street. Peretti’s burley blends are quite good. I went to school there 30 years ago and still get mail order from them although when I visit family I...