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    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    Funny that to limit cigarette black market they package in pipe tobacco too, as if someone is standing on a street corner trying to scalp escudo.
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    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    Ok so what happens if you import it by post? I do not have a cellar, but that is ok because I didn't smoke much anyway.
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    McClellands IS GONE?

    They stopped producing it and wont let anyone else produce it, and apparently they are all kind of wonderful.
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    Dunhill Is Back

    Ok this puts a stop to any rumours about tobacco industry because STG are better informed and they are still investing in it.
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    Wellauer dunhill replacements

    Now everyone is issuing their own matches. I say to that - get rid of those second hand imitations and bring the real thing back.
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    Mac Baren HH Vintage Latakia

    I tried it and it is not the same as vintage Syrian, actually not that much latakia in it.
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    SG Is Out There

    Tobacco pipes has some still. Hoarders, we know your objective is to make sure no one else gets any - you know what to do.
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    Hi from Australia

    Ok good, tell us your tobacco story.
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    McClelland Frog Morton Search

    C & D or STG can produce it, demand is there.
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    The Holy Trinity - Recommendations

    For bulk it is Engine 99, and I cannot decide just two out of the tinned ones.
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    First week - Many, Many Questions... Beginner help pls!

    Hey Josh, what is your favourite tobacco so far? I figured out my tastes in a way. I like stuff that is complex and has many ingredients like SPC Potlatch for example. I tried straight Virginias or straight burley and they just don't do it for me, too one dimensional.
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    Any Pipe Tobacco Blends That Makes Faces Cooler and Sharper?

    Johnny hit the gym and stay on a diet. Body fat of around 10% is what you want. Tobacco damages the skin and has a long list of negative side effects.
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    Any good ways to cure/curb PAD?

    It is a question of discipline but we wont get into that here. Just figure out how much you want to save each week then prioritise your spending. Sooner or later you will reach a point where buying a new pipe will not even be a consideration.
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    Very limited pipe tobacco in Asia

    BR cherry cavendish is not bad, online there are more options of course.
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    How many blend in your cellar

    I do not have a cellar and I do not hoard tobacco based on rumours. I have tried about 40 different tobaccos and will rebuy the good ones when my stuff runs low.