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    Author Pipes

    All three of my Wimbledons bear a 810 shape number.
  2. fishfly

    Author Pipes

    Wimbledon (often identified as a GBD second) however, did.
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    Welcome from another Iowan (Dubuque).
  4. fishfly

    Best Pipe for Clenchers?

    For me, a saddle stem, especially vulcanite, won't last very long. I have at least a half dozen saddle stems in my "send off for repair" box that have been bitten through--usually done while getting out of the truck with a pipe clenched and chomping down on it as I hit the ground a little too...
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    Hello from the "Corn Patch"

    Decades ago.
  6. fishfly

    Pipe Cleaners For Twin Bore Pipes

    Falcon pipe cleaners work most of the time for me.
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    Hello from the "Corn Patch"

    Welcome from another Iowan. (Dubuque).
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    Greetings from North Central Iowa! (AKA the Arctic Circle)

    Welcome from Northeast Iowa (Dubuque to be specific).
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    LET'S PLAY: Pipes Around the World

    Switzerland. Marked B. B. K
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    Greetings from the Heartland of Iowa

    Hello, and welcome from Dubuque. Eager to hear the story.
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    Anyone every heard of Thorneycraft?

    I think that says Thorneycroft. If so, I have one which smokes quite well. It has an inner-tube and is also marked BBB and own make. Check pipephil under BBB.
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    First Lathe

    The Nova has three belt positions for low, medium, and high ranges. Plus there is a speed control knob that varies the speed within those ranges, even while the lathe is running. I've gotten used to the variable speed control and miss it when I use one of my turning club's lathes without it...
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    First Lathe

    Most people who use Jet lathes like them. Just note that it isn't variable speed, which I find a very useful feature. Another one to consider is the Nova Comet II (which is variable speed). Nova Comet II I have one and love it. With the inclusion of the chuck and tools, the cost is pretty...
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    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome from another Iowan (Dubuque).
  15. fishfly

    Favorite Pipe Shape ?

    Whatever is currently in my hand. That tends to be an author or pot more often than not. It will probably be different next week.