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    Arnie - Dead at 87

    I work in Latrobe on the ambulance service here. He was a huge influence on the town and hospital here, and seemed to be a very genuinely kind person. Wish I could have met him before he passed.
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    Ruger LCP vs. Smith Bodyguard

    I actually carry a keltec p11. It's a double stack 9 small enough to pocket carry. I really like it.
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    MM Ozark hardwood

    I have two ozark pipes, one bent, one straight. I bought them for "beater " pipes, but fell in love with them. They smoke cool and dry, and the only thing I would change is the actual size. I would love a larger bowl for longer smokes.
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    Finally got my first pipe!

    I have a bent omega in my rotation. Always a reliable pipe. Never had any trouble with it.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2016)

    Put a few bowls of Paladin Blackcherry through an old kaywoodie billiard I have yesterday. Apparently my technique is getting better. That pipe used to gurgle all the time. Didn't have it happen more than once yesterday.
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    Wanna step up from Captain Black White

    For a while i used to mix CB white and black together at a 1:1 ratio I liked the taste of it and it was fairly cheap when I couldn't buy my regular purchase of a half pound of 1Q. If I remember correctly, CB is made by Lane, so you could always start giving some of Lane's blends a try.
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    New Members, Introduce Yourself!

    Hello all, I've been reading the forums on and off for several years, recently decided to get back into smoking, and forgot everything that pertained to my old account. So I made a new one. My name is Ron, and I'm a 22 year old EMT from PA. I work part time at a MedExpress, and also I'm a shift...
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    How or Why Did You Start Smoking a Pipe?

    When I was 18 I started working part time at a local Tobacco store at the mall near my house. At first I only smoked cigarettes, but once I started there, I really started to get an appreciation for the hobby. I started out with the small Missouri meerschaum hardwood pipes (which I still use...