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  1. E

    You Have Over 50 Pipes?!

    I tried this approach and barely made it out alive. No more tobacco or pipe purchases for me for a very, very long time... and lucky I don't have to downsize by a thousand (or more) tins.
  2. E

    Do You Have A Favourite Quick Meal?

    I make my tomato sandwiches on sourdough with salt, pepper, sometimes a whisper of garlic powder, mayo, and balsamic vinegar. Yum.
  3. E

    New Member from South Florida

    Welcome from Dania Beach.
  4. E

    New Mac Baren HH Tobacco Coming (2020)

    HH Acadian flake would be nice.
  5. E

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    I love Bern's, and especially enjoyed going when they used to allow smoking in the dessert room.
  6. E

    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome from SoFla!
  7. E

    Is The Esoterica Bubble Ending Because of China?

    ... Unless you live in a state with an 85% excise tax on pipe tobacco and the closest retailer that carries even Orlik golden slice is a few hours away. IMHO Penzance is good but there are better blends out there. However if anybody has extra Stonehaven or Peacehaven (or RDF) bags I'd love to...
  8. E

    Your Current Combo

    Monster Mule ginger brew and SPC Mississippi River special reserve.
  9. E

    Explain Your Screen Name

    E is for Esoterica K and E are for Karl Eric R is for Rattray T is for Tobacco Also my first name is Ekert
  10. E

    4th Generation Family Reserve Dry As A Bone In The Desert

    If you read my post I outline 4 things, see if you can tell what really bothers me. 1) It took several calls and finally heard back from a supervisor (hours spent on phone with reps and on hold). 2) Open tins are my responsibility since it is my (the customer's) fault that I received defective...
  11. E

    4th Generation Family Reserve Dry As A Bone In The Desert

    After several calls I finally heard back from a supervisor. The two open tins that are bone dry (missing one bowl each) are my loss as they don't accept returns or give credit for open tins, so was pretty much told to go pound dirt. The remaining 10 tins I can send back in exchange for 5 tins...
  12. E

    Mold :0

    On another forum one member encountered mold in several flakes and cakes but also in Star of the East and Haddo's Delight, both of which are ribbon cut. I am just praying that Jeremy added extra anti-mold agents to the Small Batch Carolina Red as I've been picking up quite a few tins on the...
  13. E

    So Are West Virginians Really Hillbillies?

    Did you guys hear about the wheat in West Virginia? It's in bread.
  14. E

    Greetings from Idaho

    I grew up in Boise, welcome from South Florida.
  15. E

    Mold :0

    So we could buy some C&D, age it, discover mold several years later, and have it replaced with fresh tins that may or may not contain mold themselves. Sounds like a reason to buy other brands if you ask me.