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  1. eazye77

    Review on Montford Point Marine

    So back in Feb., on my birthday, I treated myself to a TAD and picked up another blend from Cornell & Diehl called Montford Point Marine. I wanted something different to smoke today so I cracked it open for the first time. For those who are into latikia, this blend I would recommend. This is a...
  2. eazye77

    10% Discount for Forum Members

    Sounds good to me. . . and right on time! Thanks! :worship:
  3. eazye77

    Electric Shavers

    I use that on my head. That is an excellent razor. I use it on my face if I absolutely have to!
  4. eazye77

    Squadron Leader...What's The Big Deal?

    Can't stand the stuff myself. :oops: I tried to like it, but we are not meant to be!
  5. eazye77

    Electric Shavers

    For my skin type I have to use electric. African American males skin is to sensitive to blades and we get razor bumps easily. Not all, but the majority.
  6. eazye77

    P&C Tobacco of the Month Club

    Thanks shoryeastcoast. I got my answer!
  7. eazye77

    P&C Tobacco of the Month Club

    Hey Fam! I was online today checking out P&C's new site and came across the Tobacco of the Month Club. I was thinking about joining as a birthday gift to myself (2/3/2014) and was wondering if anyone else has tried it? If so, is it worth it? Thanks much!
  8. eazye77

    Describe Yourself As A Pipe

    Wow, this is a good forum. I really have to think about this one. :roll:
  9. eazye77

    What Is Your Celebratory Drink

    I would say my favorite scotch, thus far, Buchanan's on the rocks. 18 yr old on special occasions and the 12 yr old all other times!
  10. eazye77

    Raising The Smoking Age

    Doesn't matter if it's raised to 21 or 91, there is always a way to get what you want. I was in clubs drinking alcohol before I was 21. Explain that? :wink:
  11. eazye77

    What Are You Smoking? November 2013

    Limerick in my freehand pipe. Can't get enough!!!! :puffpipe:
  12. eazye77

    Squadron Leader

    I'm with you Mrjerke! I can't stand the stuff myself. Not my cup of tea at all! :oops:
  13. eazye77

    Do You Change Tobaccos with the Change of Seasons?

    Tell you the truth I smoke determining my mode. If I am feeling a type of tobacco at a certain time then I will smoke it. No matter the season. Sometimes I tend to smoke lat blends more in the cooler months, but still I will do whatever whenever.