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  1. duffer

    How Many of You Lucky Dogs Get to Smoke Inside?

    I smoke in my home office. Air purifier, exhaust fan, weatherstripping around the door and a towel at the base. No worries from the wife.
  2. duffer

    West Coast Pipe Show—Roll Call

    I will be there also...look forward to seeing all
  3. duffer

    Got Radice?

    I have three all great smokers and keepers
  4. duffer

    What Do You Carry Every Day?

    Usually a two pipe fake leather zipper pouch with pipe cleaners, a Czech tool, Zippo with pipe insert, baggie with tobacco and a Dan Wesson Guardian.
  5. duffer

    Roll Call - West Coast Pipe Show

    I am all set. Live there so it’s easy for me.
  6. duffer

    I Told You I Was Going to Buy a Caminetto! Pics for Proof...

    Congrats. Very cool pipe
  7. duffer

    Interesting Radice Article

    Radice pipes are a great value. Very well engineered
  8. duffer

    My First Castello

    Congrats. I have four and they are all great smokers
  9. duffer

    Because PipesMagazine Doesn't Allow Political Discussions

    My pipe helps me forget about politics
  10. duffer

    You Say Tomahto I Say Tomato

    Love that pipe. I have a Stanwell Squashed Tomato and it smokes great
  11. duffer

    320 Reasons Why I Guess I'll Still Use Ebay!

    Nice. This shape is on my short list
  12. duffer

    How Many Tins or Jars in Your Cellar?

    Been smoking 7 months and have about 10 lbs stashed. In got a long way to go
  13. duffer

    Question About Your Local Tobacco Shop

    I travel a lot for work. I frequent Both &M's. If they have a lounge i always buy at minimum a tin. I seldom open it - usually goes to my cellar. I made an exception last week as I was in San Diego.. I bought a tin of 3-year old Brunello Flake. I opened and tried it as they had 3 more. I...
  14. duffer

    Talk About Luck!

    Wow! Great score