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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    To each his own I guess...
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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    Obviously an urban yankee response...Detroit...those of us that have worked on farms all their lives would probably differ; very few city folk could even attempt to do what we do every single day of our lives.
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    Balsa incerts.

    You're talking all of $30 for 300 6mm Savinelli filters, at one per day, that's about 10 months worth, or $3 per month...I'd rather spend my time at one of my beach houses or here in the mountains than cutting my own filters.
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    My Computer Crapped Out

    You should get yourself a flip phone like I have, then using the keys become so frustrating that you give up altogether. Remember, we put a man on the moon with the power of a modern calculator (so I'm told), no need to have all that computer power in your pocket too, or it might blast off and...
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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    I understand and I meant no offense; guess some of us just aren't as cultured (or I think young 'uns today call it woke) as others are.
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    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    Getting ready to fire up a Griffin 300 by Davidoff.
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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    Sorry, just never heard the words "manly" and "poem" used next to each other in a sentence...not where I'm from anyway, might get you hurt if you did.
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    What is your smoothest blend?

    C&D Interlude...a panty waist name I know, but good quality tobacco.
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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    Um, "manly poem?" I don't understand...sorry I don't, but I'm just an old school livestock farmer...
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    Is mold an issue when cellaring? How to spot it?

    I've never kept pipe tobacco for a long time (I smoke it too quickly), but I have about a hundred cigars, some of them several yrs old or better. Rule of thumb with cigars is 60 to 65% humidity, below 75 degrees and you'll never have a problem, and I never have. Frankly, unless you are storing a...
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    What's Your Profession !!

    I'm a spender of money now. Used to breed horses--warmbloods and draft horses.
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    Coal Miners Smoked Pipes

    I don't know where you all are getting your info from (PBS? Really?). Half my ancestry were miners, the other half in dairy/steers (I'm in horses, of course, only one in the family that was), never heard any of this. Pipe smoking was common for sure because it was cheap, and try rolling a...
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    How Do You Decide What Tobacco To Try

    No, C&D mostly. There are quite a few reds and burleys that they source in the US, mostly NC and KY they tell me.
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    MB HH Old Dark Fired Plug Cut

    Didn't smoke any of this for a day, then yesterday early evening I fired up a bowl sitting on my back porch staring at the Blue Ridge mountains with a Budweiser and a couple ounces of Maker's Mark, took me over an hour to finish the bowl, and it was pretty darn relaxing I must say. The deeper...
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    How Do You Decide What Tobacco To Try

    I use three criteria: 1. No toppings (casings are okay) 2. Straight Virginias and/or Burleys only traditionally cured (no orientals, latakias, etc), 3. either sourced in the US, blended by or for a US company to support US businesses. Pretty simple.