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  1. dethmutt

    A Law Is Passed Making Pipe Tobacco Illegal- How Does Your Life Change?

    Its time to blow there minds baby... Who that is what it say...
  2. dethmutt

    Where to Get Esoterica Stonehaven?

    I think The Rich Dark Flake Is a touch above Stonehaven. Could be just me, I dunno.. But the RDF is incredible... Stonehaven is as well but just under...
  3. dethmutt

    Where to Get Esoterica Stonehaven?

    My Buddy from England brought me a brick of Rich dark flake in exchange for some bug spray when I met him in Punta Cana. I promptly paid him for the exchange and gave him the OFF as a bonus!!!
  4. dethmutt

    My Lakeland Haunting Story

    Love Lakeland for a change of pace. Ennerdale, Boson, and coniston are awesome
  5. dethmutt

    What Do You Re-Purpose

    I hope that wasn't the whole plug!!!! :P Love Salty Dogs.. I use a cigar cutter. But It sounds like the processor does a good job!! interesting.
  6. dethmutt

    Finally Gave In.

    I love Carter Hall myself.. but I have yet to try Chattam Manor which I hear is better.
  7. dethmutt

    Libation Of Choice?

    Scotch, or Irish Whisky.. Laphroaig, or Tullamore Dew. both are yummy.
  8. dethmutt

    Flavor Change With Depth of Mouth Piece in Mouth

    I don't retrohale; like I say, I am pleased with the range and strength of flavors I experience. Really? Wow.. you might be missing out. or not. who knows.. :P
  9. dethmutt

    Condensation Inside Mason Jar

    I've seen this on a couple of my jars. Black Duck, Artisian Blend, and Quiet nights seem to always do this for me. Opened them up and let them sit, came back after closing them up. Changed jars and it refogged on occasion. Thinking its gotta be oils as Embers stated.
  10. dethmutt

    Hard to find?

    Very nice!
  11. dethmutt

    Fireside in the poconos

    Aye. Came up here with my uncle when I was a kid. This is my second year to be back. Love this place. The weather, the lake. I would live here if I could work up here!
  12. dethmutt

    Fireside in the poconos

    Otter Lake. E stroudsburg
  13. dethmutt

    Fireside in the poconos

    Vacation time. And I did pack a ridiculous amount of tins this year. I started with SG Bothy. Probably not the best choice as I’m much more into Virginia’s currently, but it was good, kinda reminiscent of nightcap, but much milder not in the “THIS IS LATAKIA” way that nightcap is loved for...
  14. dethmutt

    Sun Bear - Old Hollywood Briar (w PICTURES)

    Love love love sun bear!!! I just popped a tin on vacation in the Poconos. Such an amazing blend. Glad I was able to grab 12 tins before it was gone!.
  15. dethmutt

    Conniston Cut Plug

    Just lit this one up. Currently ive been smoking mostly 1792, but this reminds me of Bosun. I do love the Lakeland, does anyone see any difference between Conniston and Bosun?