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  1. deepspringfarm

    Life After McClelland

    Also, after McClelland closed, I was poking around and looked at one of my graphs of tobacco purchases. Approximately 75% of my tobacco purchases were McClelland. I miss Beacon Extra!
  2. deepspringfarm

    Life After McClelland

    I know after I popped a tin of Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia the first thing I thought was this could be a cousin to McClelland's. Reviews are here.
  3. deepspringfarm

    Cartoon Caption Contest

    I really enjoyed it...but haven't seen any posts lately.
  4. deepspringfarm

    GL Pease - Fillmore

    Has Pease released anything new in the last few years?
  5. deepspringfarm

    TAPS 22nd Annual Raleigh Pipe & Tobacciana Expo (4/6/2019)

    I met JimInks and he gave me a rundown of his opinions of the D&R tobaccos. An upstanding gentleman!
  6. deepspringfarm

    TAPS 22nd Annual Raleigh Pipe & Tobacciana Expo (4/6/2019)

    Had a great time at the show. There was quite a few familiar faces, some friends that didn't make it this year, and some new ones. Always one of the highlights of my year.
  7. deepspringfarm

    TAPS 22nd Annual Raleigh Pipe & Tobacciana Expo (4/6/2019)

    I’ll planning on being there. Road trip with 3 or 4 friends!
  8. deepspringfarm

    Entering my Minivan Years

    Minivans are awesome...we were sad when had to get rid of it because with all our children we couldn't fit in it anymore.
  9. deepspringfarm

    Butera Pelican - In Stock

    Wish they had some Kingfisher.
  10. deepspringfarm

    Life Insurance - 2018

    "and the client unfortunately died 4 months ago from throat cancer" now that's reassuring
  11. deepspringfarm

    21st Annual TAPS Pipe Show - Raleigh, NC - April 7, 2018

    I'll be there and I have three friend coming with me. We are looking forward to it!!!
  12. deepspringfarm

    Life Insurance - 2018

    I checked for previous posts on this but they seemed quite a few years old. Anyway, I have a brother in law who is trying to get life insurance. I picked up some about 15 years ago for a pipe smoker. He smokes about once a year when we get together. But the insurance company he got a quote...
  13. deepspringfarm

    International Pipe Smoking Day

    Yes, no complaints here. Just a Happy International Pipe Smoking Day to my fellow pipers!
  14. deepspringfarm

    Replacement for Christmas Cheer

    Yep, I think pipestud has convinced me that a need a few (dozen) tins of 40th anniversary!
  15. deepspringfarm

    Replacement for Christmas Cheer

    McClellands does rule the virginias (not that there aren't other great ones out there :D)