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    NASPC Pipe Show

    I am deliberating on whether to go. I'm in Indianapolis so it's not a bad drive. I've been to Columbus/Dublin before. I'm curious as to whether there would be anything for my wife to do in the area. That's the real challenge lol :roll:
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    The Magic of Layering Tobacco

    Thanks! I'm so ignorant when it comes to aromatics! Autumn Evening is as close as I've come to liking one.
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    The Magic of Layering Tobacco

    Jmatt, apologies for my ignorance for acronyms, as I work for the government you would think they would be second nature to me. What is BCA? I would love for my wife to say "that's a nice one" while I am enjoying some Orlik Golden Sliced! :puffpipe:
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    Danger Pipes Shipping Costs disappointing. WOW !

    That's odd. I just went and put a $40 briar pipe in my cart and calculated shipping. Priority mail cost was $6.95 to Indiana. It was $25.75 for Priority Express mail. Possible glitch on their website? :puffpipe:
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    Looking for a small, lightweight clencher. Suggestions?

    My go to clench pipe is an old Peterson system pipe. I believe it is a shape 314. It's fully bent so the stem rests on my chin. Excellent clenching pipe. These can regularly be picked up on the estate market for for under $50. :puffpipe:
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    I'm Confused About Mississississippi River

    I first purchased SPC Mississippi River back in 2013, I bought a small tin of it from P&C. It had the consistency of pre-crumbled kake. I then purchased it in bulk in 2014, and received a rather large pressed brick of the same previously mentioned crumbled kake. If I'm not mistaken P&C took...
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    Oh Castello , Castello !

    I was also amazed at the quality smoke that my Castello turned out to be. It is the best smoking pipe in my rotation. Remember you could always sell a few of your other pipes that you have acquired to fund another. Congrats! :puffpipe:
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    My Name is Michael and I'm A Bid-aholic

    Well it looks like you won 4 out of 5 of the listed pipes. Not a bad haul! Congrats! :puffpipe:
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    OGS Bulk vs. OGS Tinned

    It's my most very favorite smoke! I had to stop buying it because it was preventing me from trying other blends LOL!
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    OGS Bulk vs. OGS Tinned

    Maybe shaintiques was just trolling us :laughat: And on a side note St James Woods is a phenomenal smoke! I tried it for the first time last week. It blew my mind! :puffpipe:
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    OGS Bulk vs. OGS Tinned

    Where did you find OGS bulk? Inquiring minds want to know! I just bought 15 tins on the 20% off sale! :puffpipe:
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    Jeremy, Greg, Russ: Can You Tell Us How The New FDA Regs Impact You?

    Excellent question! I look forward to seeing the responses. :puffpipe:
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    Castello Sea Rock

    JP, My Sea Rock is the best smoking pipe in my rotation. Do yourself a favor and smoke this pipe immediately! :puffpipe:
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    How To Deal With Controversial Opinions

    If I've learned anything as a Criminal Investigator it would be this quote by George Bernard Shaw, "Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” That goes for the criminals we arrest and the defense attorneys that represent them (no offense to attorneys, I love attorneys so...
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    Where's Harris

    Lol, you look fabulous Peck!