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  1. davem

    Sutliff Tobacco Company - Molto Dolce (Sutliff Private Stock)

    Well this one may have to grow on me... from the descriptions I figured I'd love it being an aromatic guy for the most part. It is quite wet... and crackled despite some drying time. It smells very strong in the tin... to me it smells like a macaroon cookie and dark chocolate. As far as taste...
  2. davem

    Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate

    Amazing! I love the krumble cake. This stuff smells good, and tastes great! I am now on board... looking forward to trying Blockade Runner (mine was backordered) but kind of afraid I'll be let down when it gets here. 8 oz of this will be on each order from here out... at least.
  3. davem

    More $ on Tobacco, or Pipes & Accessories This Year?

    50/50... but I'm just coming back from a 20 plus year hiatus... Somebody PLEASE tell me, what's happening to our tobacco in 2021? Do I have 3 years to stock up for life?!
  4. davem

    So I Did A Thing Tonight...

    I'm glad I'm not the only mixer!
  5. davem

    The Magic of Smoking the Pipe

    So much to love in this post!
  6. davem

    So I Did A Thing Tonight...

    @ashdigger glad I'm not the only one! @npod again, glad I'm not the only one! Bob's Chocolate Flake might be my desert island tobacco. If only I could catch it in stock again!
  7. davem

    Dunhill Pipes... Worth the Money?

    I had one, in my previous pipe smoking life, that was quite a bit older than I. It was beautiful. It was the best smoking pipe I owned at the time. It was given to me, free of charge, and was one of the first few pipes I acquired. I could afford one if I desired one today... but would I buy...
  8. davem

    I'm Very Tired of Matches. What Is the Best to Replace Them?

    My FlickWick came today... I think I will really enjoy it once I get used to it!
  9. davem

    So I Did A Thing Tonight...

    I had about 1/3 of a bowl of Bob's Chocolate flake ready to go on my paper plate... so I threw about 2/3 of a bowl of Wilke Vermont Maple Cavendish on my paper plate. I looked at it for a minute, then mixed them together for a bit. Then I put the result in a MM Country Gentleman and smoked it...
  10. davem

    Tobacco Surcharge Adds $2 per Bowl

    All of our available plans where I work have a tobacco surcharge, but you can avoid paying it be enrolling in the smoking cessation program. Can you sell nicotine gum on eBay? Just kidding :D
  11. davem

    Let’s See Them Pics - You And Your Pet While Smoking

    I now have THREE kittens... being kittens they don't stay still long enough to get a picture. And I can't get a pipe going when all three are sleeping on top of me!
  12. davem

    Pipes and Cigars - 20% Off and Free Shipping.

    @wyfbane lucky! I googled to see if I could find more online, but I didn't look too hard as my pipe and tobacco budget is blown lol!
  13. davem


    Welcome to the fun!
  14. davem

    Aero Suggestions

    Any Wilke aromatic that sounds good to you has my highest recommendation. Man their stuff is amazing! Bob's Chocolate Flake was recommended earlier, I love that stuff too.
  15. davem

    Forum Members Are the BEST People!

    What a generous gift! Enjoy the pipes!