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  1. danz

    Help dating an old Dunhill flake tin.

    Hey guys, Recently purchased this off of the local "ebay" as an "Old tin of tobacco", but considering the tin design it is not very old but still unusual as I never new there was Dunhill that was made here in New Zealand. Just wondering if any experts/enthusiasts here could give me a ballpark...
  2. danz

    The New Capstan Blue Flake

    So is it still a pure Virginia? Or have Mac barren chopped and changed leaves to make it comparable to pure virginias of old?
  3. danz

    What motorcycle.........

    ^ how does it fare on cornering? I have only rode one harley and while i was going round a roundabout the pegs were scraping. Where i live we have alot of "gangs" that ride harleys with massive ape hangers etc, 9 times out of 10 they will come screaming past you as if out of no where while...
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    What motorcycle.........

    In my younger days, 3 years ago i had an '87 NSR 250r as over here once you get your learners (idiot proof) your entitled to ride up to a 250cc.. The nsr i had was faster than allot of bikes i came across for a tiny displacement,Used to get a laugh racing 'men' on there harleys, had to sell it...
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    Polishing Stems

    ^same,(i don't sand though) dremel with a buffing wheel and 'mothers' mag wheel polish which is probably highly toxic, then apply a 50/50 bees/carnuba wax. Have to be careful with the dremel though as its easy to slip off and gouge up the finish on your pipe with the shaft of the buffing wheel.
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    Who is your favorite blender?

    Samuel G. I hate the way they pack there flakes, paying for water etc, but i cant stop buying them. Then probably Orlik, covers quite a large spectrum.
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    Borkum Riff - Motherlode Review & Info

    In NZ our OTC selection consists of borkum riff and erinmore, have never seen anyone smoke borkum riff and/or recommend it. We might not get the orlik version or something...
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    Beat P's 2

    They look good to me, i would smoke em. Looks don't matter with pete's. They are tools used to smoke tobacco and good at what they do. No fluff. Why would one want to do that?
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    White Ash

    I have heard/read about it many times but have only had it happen by surprise a couple of times from random blends that have never done it before. Usually when i am in a trance like state and and wondering why no smoke is being produced, only to look and see nothing but white/grey ash in the...
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    best navy flake?

    I like SG navy flake, the addition of a small amount of latakia is a nice touch. The rum topping doesn't really smell like rum to me though.
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    Show Us Your Tobacco Stash

    My effort(~month) since my new years resolution of giving up smokes for a pipe :|
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    Revor plug is amazing.
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    Just had My First Bowl of Haddos Delight

    1792 is medium imo, but in saying that i also consider irish flake medium. Irish rope on the other hand is satisfactory to my dulled sensitivity(Do not find it pleasant tasting) of nicotine. Just wish i could find a nice English blend that can hit the sides, and no night cap doesn't do it... :(