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  1. crk69

    Where do you live?

    Kingsland, Texas...
  2. crk69

    Sour Estate Pipe Ick!

    I would be concerned about regular masking tape glue pulling up the finish (laquer or wax).. While I have never used it when cleaning out the shank personally, maybe the blue painters or drafter's tape might be a better solution.. Maybe someone with more experience will point you in the right...
  3. crk69

    My Pipes Were Stolen Today!!!

    That royaly sucks.. Sorry for the loss of your burners... Hopefully those responsible will be caught.
  4. crk69

    My Holiday Present to You All

    Thank you Six!!!
  5. crk69

    What Have You Found In Your Estate Pipe?

    Spider and cobwebs, and ghosts of tobaccos past is the only thing I have found in my estates..
  6. crk69

    Holiday Booze Prep

    The Kraken and Chivas for me...
  7. crk69

    It's My Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. crk69

    What Do You Do?

    Animal Control/Patrol Officer
  9. crk69

    It's Here! My New Nording Highgrade!

    Sweet Nording... Congrats and Enjoy!!! :puffy:
  10. crk69

    Hello and Good Evening Everyone..

    Howdy and welcome to the forum!!
  11. crk69

    If The Zombie Apocalypse Came Today, How Long Would Your Cellar Last?

    According to my pipe tool app on my Iphone at 10 bowls per ounce, 1 bowl a day my cellar would last 10 years and 4 months..
  12. crk69

    Reply From P&C On Crappy Packing

    Well, I ordered a pipe and three Dunhill tins on the buy two get one free.. Arrived today pipe was well packed in bubble wrap, however the tins were just laying on the bottom of the box (One on top of the other two) with bubble wrap on top of them. One tin out of three was dented in two spots on...
  13. crk69

    Any Pipe Smokers in the Austin/Central Texas Area?

    I'm in the hill country (Kingsland) about 70 miles Northwest of you... Welcome aboard fellow Texan...
  14. crk69

    What Are You Smoking? October 2013

    Black Raspberry in my lattice Meer....
  15. crk69

    Mobile App. Bring It On

    Would love to have a phone app as well so I could check/comment while I am at work.. Kinda hard to see on my screen without manipulation...