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  1. coys

    Frog Morton’s Cellar

    I have one tin of it. I had been thinking of opening it on a special occasion, but now I am thinking I should save it until I feel like my tastes are mature enough to appreciate it, or maybe sell or trade it on to someone. For now, it waits in my cellar. :)
  2. coys

    Blends Like Early Morning Pipe but Without the Sourness?

    Maybe Squadron Leader would be good for you? It’s an all day English that doesn’t seem overly tart/citrusy to me. You might also consider getting a sample of Father Dempsey. To me it’s well balanced and it’s available in bulk and a real bargain. It’s more of a full flavor than EMP, but I...
  3. coys

    More Frustration W/SG Flakes

    Just musing: Gawith tobaccos are packed wet as we all know. And our friends there are adamant that they do not produce tobaccos that are meant to be stored. They produce tobacco as they always have which is meant to be bought and enjoyed right away. Given those things, could this not be why...
  4. coys

    Putting my Pipes Away

    Soon all unapproved activities will be banned and we'll all be eating that baby food they fed Robocop
  5. coys

    Emptying bowl if not finished...while hot or cooled?

    When I weary of the pipe or the smoke starts to get acrid due to moisture in the bowl, and a swipe of a pipe cleaner doesn't fix the problem, I just dump it and consider it done.
  6. coys

    WTB/WTTF: Aged Union Square (9/11/23)

    I saw an ad here recently with some aged Union Square, but I can’t find it now. Would be willing to talk about buying or trade if it’s still available. (Also, might be interested in trades for other aged straight VAs - Dunhill flake, FVF/BBF, Hogshead, etc etc. ):)
  7. coys

    In Praise of the Humble No. 400

    I did leave this jar on the dashboard of my car a few months ago during a recent heat wave. Maybe it's the heat and sun that make it come alive?
  8. coys

    In Praise of the Humble No. 400

    :ROFLMAO: Now, I have a jar of 507C sitting right next to my No.400, it's good stuff as well. I just find No.400 a little more interesting, and I think its room note is very pleasant. Kind of like what I'd expect baking graham crackers to smell like.
  9. coys

    In Praise of the Humble No. 400

    As a Virginia guy, I have tried a lot of straight VAs in my tour of the pipe world thus far, and I can’t help but come back to this one. Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake is very nice. It has a very pleasant aroma both in pouch and in the room, for me. It’s dependable, and has quite a nice...
  10. coys

    Sutliff Match Victorian

    The reviews all say this is superior to the current Elizabethan product. Sounds like they are on the right track
  11. coys

    Best GLP Virginia blend?

    I agree with you there. I suppose that I think of it as getting a little stronger as the bowl progresses which I like. But it's not overwhelming at all.
  12. coys

    Best GLP Virginia blend?

    Telegraph Hill is great but it's a VaPer that seems a shade more than light on perique to me :)
  13. coys

    Best GLP Virginia blend?

    Laurel is a good one, I agree. Sort of like Fillmore, a few people feel like the wisp of Latakia doesn't belong but I think they are both great. I believe GLP said this is an old blender's trick to provide a little subtle enhancement to the existing flavors.
  14. coys

    FS/FT: Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia - 6 tins (9-6-23)

    For sale or trade are these 6 tins of Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia. I do not know how to date a Sutliff tin, but I believe these would all be from 2020/2021. $75 shipped (Trade interest below) See: updating via yoast -...
  15. coys

    FS/FT: Escudo Navy Deluxe (Lot of 4 tins) 8-28-23

    A trade has been completed. Mods, please delete this as I am unable to delete threads or edit the subject line.