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    Taco Bell

    Big NOPE! Taco Bell = “Runs at the Border” = Caca todo la casa! Every time :poop::poop::poop:
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    Carnauba Wax

    Big NOPE! Made in China where “food grade” is an oxymoron. (Not a political statement).
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    Best Line in a Song

    “Why does it hurt when I pee? I got it from the toilet seat I got it from the toilet seat It jumped right up 'N' grabbed my meat Got it from the toilet seat My balls feel like a pair of maracas My balls feel like a pair of maracas Oh God I probably got the Gon-o-ka-ka-khackus!” Frank Zappa “Why...
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    You are Guaranteed to get One Hard-to-get Blend. Which One would You Choose?

    Yeh, me too... Any or all of these! I'm not sure if I could cajole my friend in Brazil to buy & send some to me, & I won't be visiting there anytime in the near future.
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    Dinner Tonight

    Ratatouille…of sorts (more like a vegetable lasagna or casserole, though I have SWMBO convinced it’s the former). She’ll eat a third of it at a meal, so it must be good.
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    Any Chess Players On Here?

    LiChess...puzzles only. I should play with my son who introduced this app to me. At least the ignominious ridicule would be limited to the family :cry:
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    Want to Try Lakeland.

    Couldn’t help myself. I actually enjoy Ennerdale, but not any of the other scented varieties.
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    Greetings from Maryland

    Welcome from Evergreen, CO. I grew up in Rockville, the went to college, grad school, & professional school in Baltimore.
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    2021 NFL Draft 🏈

    I’m done with all professional sports. They’ll get no more of my time nor my money. Nothing against anyone who is still a fan...just not me.
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    Samuel Gawith Navy Flake runs in our veins (I grew up there & still have it in my blood). Yes, a food group, just like pizza!
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    Samuel Gawith Navy Flake

    I don’t always smoke crab-flavored tobacco, but when I do... I add a pinch of...’s just not crab without it.
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    Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend of 13 Years

    The Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of...
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    Dinner Tonight

    They fly-in, of course 🤪
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    Dinner Tonight

    Brazilian Chicken Soup (from my Brazilian daughter-in-law’s recipe)