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  1. ClenchedBilliard

    Is This Mold? 2022 Cringle Flake

    Looks like sugar crystals to me, does not look like mold. I'd smoke it, me.
  2. ClenchedBilliard

    Favorite GLP

    Caravan and Cairo, fantastic orientals
  3. ClenchedBilliard

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Racked up at the Country Squire Radio 500th episode event. Had an amazing time and could t help but do some shopping while there.
  4. ClenchedBilliard

    Commuter/Outside Smoking

    I do about 95% of my smoking in the car commuting back and forth to work. I pre-load 2 pipes before I leave and smoke one on the way and another on the way home. I also keep a roll-up pouch in the car with 2 empty pipes and 2 pocket jars for “just in case”.
  5. ClenchedBilliard

    Why Peterson?

    My first briar looks identical to the above picture! I’ve had quite a few Petersons over the years, and though I’ve grown to dislike the dreaded P-lip I still have quite a few Petersons in my day to day rotation. Good quality, good looks, good price.
  6. ClenchedBilliard

    The Country Squire 2023 Mirkwood

    It was hard to complete the purchase, their site got swamped pretty hard. I managed to wrestle 4oz out of the dogpile.
  7. ClenchedBilliard

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    My Country Squire order came in, got some Mirkwood and a couple of ounces of Shepherds Pie and Ruins of Windsor to fill up some jars.
  8. ClenchedBilliard

    Cornell & Diehl Small Batch - From Beyond

    I only bought one tin, that was a major mistake on my part. I thoroughly enjoyed that tin, I hope to get another chance someday.
  9. ClenchedBilliard

    Last bowl of tobacco for 2022

    I’m working tonight, so when I get off at 5 I’ll be smoking my last bowl of Figgy Pudding as my first smoke of 2023.
  10. ClenchedBilliard

    Drucquer Sale?

    There was one recently, I want to say it was late November or early December? I believe it preceded the GL Pease/C&D dual sale.
  11. ClenchedBilliard

    Your Blend Of The Year 2022

    2022 was a big year of sampling for me. 1000+ hours of overtime gave me countless chances for commuter smoking sessions and the extra $$$ to fund them! I’ve stumbled across plenty of new blends and blenders to keep me occupied. Some honorable mentions would be Country Squire Northwest Trek and...
  12. ClenchedBilliard

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    The Squire got their pocket jars back in stock so I nabbed a couple of samples while I was at it.
  13. ClenchedBilliard

    Maple Poker Missouri?

    I have several MM hardwoods, they smoke great and are very durable.
  14. ClenchedBilliard

    The Country Squire Fans - Let's Talk

    P.S.Blend is on my radar to try. Every time Northwest Trek (a favorite of mine) gets mentioned someone always brings up P.S. Blend as a comparable blend.
  15. ClenchedBilliard

    Will Your Cellar be Viable For The Long Haul?

    If my smoking habits remain as they are I have enough at home to last me roughly 4-5 years. I’ll surely accumulate more, but I don’t really have any intent to accumulate significantly more than that. I may change my mind, but since I’m stockpiling as a hedge against online purchasing...