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    Doblone d"Oro by Savinelli (Unexpected delight)

    I'll be honest, Savinelli tobacco blends deserve more recognition. I understand why they aren't more popular, but that is a shame. I love this blend and have wen through quite a bit of it. Glad you liked it!
  2. chrishopkins

    Homemade Pipe Rack Ideas

    I am looking to build myself a large pipe rack. Has anyone else done this? If so can you share pictures or ideas with me? I am by no means an expert, or even a mediocre, wood worker, so simple is best in this case.
  3. chrishopkins

    Pastors and the Pipe

    I am sorry to hear all of this, I truly am. I am a pastor in Winston Salem, NC and it is the hardest thing I could ever imagine doing. The crap that happens to people everyday is completely heartbreaking. I would add a word of encouragement to you by saying that because you share their pain...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2016)

    A delicious bowl of Mississippi River in my Matt Van Pipes Dublin.
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    New to Pipe Smoking and Pipesmag

    I think Mac Baren 7 Seas is a great way to go. But if you are looking for an aromatic that is a bit more dry and more full of flavor, I would suggest a bulk blend form Cornell & Diehl. But to your point I was also disappointed with Captain Black Gold, that was my first tobacco. It sounds like...
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    New Member

    Hello everyone, I have been tempted to join for quite a while, but for whatever reason I had put it off. Anyway I am incredibly excited to be here now. So now that I am here I am curious about all the forum possibilities. I would love to hear from some others what exactly they love doing...