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    Halloween Horror Flicks - What is Everyone Watching?

    Yes! I just started watching that last week. Only a few episodes in though, but looking forward to finishing it.
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    Trying To Find Something Similar To A Particular Pipe Tobacco In Cigar Form

    I was out in my car with the window cracked this morning, smoking a lovely blend called Scotty's Butternut Burley. I love it in the mornings, especially when it's crisp outside. A guy I work with smelled it and asked me about it and I told him what it was. He asked me if they had something...
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    What’s Your Favorite English?

    I have lots of favorites and can't pick just one. Maltese Falcon Presbyterian Mixture Boswell Northwoods Just to name a few, are some of my favorites. Just depends on what I haven't smoked in a while when I want an English as to which one I go with, but all are fantastic.
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    I decided to try Maltese Falcon...

    I absolutely love the stuff. I bought a small tin last year and gave it a shot when it was available and then it sold out before I could order more. Then I got the opportunity to buy a couple of 8 oz tins and jumped. I love MF and is one of my favorite blends. I smoke it fairly regularly. It's...
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    Ever Had A Blend Be Too Strong?

    I must admit, I like the stronger things in life. Dark, strong porters and stouts; strong flavored sweet tea, dark roasted coffees and dark, strong and flavorful tobaccos. Every once in a while, depending on how I've eaten, one will set my head to spinning, but I enjoy it when it happens. Puts a...
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    How Do I Remove Gooey Cake?

    I've let mine dry before, then used my Case knife with the spey blade and angle the back edge so as to scrape the bowl out. It's a little like reaming but I don't really cut into it at all. Mostly I don't keep very much cake in mine, so I do this in my spare time anyway. It leaves just enough...
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    Stem removal

    The very first time I take a stem loose, I usually twist counter-clockwise just in case it has a threaded stem. Sort of a habit of mine after I broke the shit out of one by twisting too hard clockwise, only to discover the stem was threaded to the stummel...Oh well. After I discover how it...
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    Gal From Oklahoma

    Not sure about the peaches and cream, but the PS Luxury Twist, Luxury Navy, and Luxury Bullseye Flakes are some of my favorites. I go between them from time to time when I want straight Va and when I want a little something thrown in, like the LBF. They're all good tobaccos. I believe some have...
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    Gal From Oklahoma

    Welcome, from North Carolina here. If you're looking at the country squire, you're looking in a good place. Their Old Toby from their middle earth collection is mighty fine. I love it and possibly my favorite aro to date. Might I also suggest checking out Boswell's too while you're at it? It's...
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    OWL Pipes?

    Please let us know how they are. I've spotted them a few times and the thought had crossed my mind to give one a shot as I really liked all the stuff that came with it too. They have a lot of interesting designs and I really liked them, just haven't bought one yet.
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    How Do You Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?

    I primarily use them to remove any oxidation from my stems. If the stem has a polished finish to it, the magic eraser will make it quite dull as it definitely is a mild abrasive. I wet it under the faucet and use it to scrub the stem in areas that hit water brings out the oxidation. Then I...
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    Savinelli St. Nicholas 2019 Out....Thinking About It...

    Well, that 614 is the one I was looking at, because I have been wanting a Hungarian too....I'll be the devil on your shoulder that taps and says "pssst, for only $100, this one can be yours...." Uh, yeah! Enabler! Although I am too, so it makes it kind of hard to blame Mike for it. I was...
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    Savinelli St. Nicholas 2019 Out....Thinking About It...

    Well, I think the 2019 St. Nick pipes don't look too bad at all. Kinda diggin' the red stem and gold accent on the band. Might end up getting one of these this year, but still may wait to see what Peterson does. What do you think?
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    What's Your Profession !!

    Civil engineer, designing landfills for power companies and paper mills.
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    Very sad news

    I missed this thread when it hit. I'm saddened by this news, but I do know the tough brother was fighting for a while. I'm glad he's got some rest from his discomfort. I can't help but smile at all the times we poked him and prodded him over his very extensive collection. There's not a single...