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    Savinelli Gold vs Punto Oro

    Thank you again.
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    Savinelli Gold vs Punto Oro

    Thank you for your response. I do not know how to post pictures. That was my first impression too. However , the bit seems original. I do nor find any information on pipedia regarding gigante for savinelli. Most people confuse this pipe with a dunhill ODA. Is gigante only the size or is...
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    Savinelli Gold vs Punto Oro

    I have a question on the subject. I have a savinelli gigante with beautifull blasted ring grain. Under the bowl it is marked as gigante and have a gold dot on the stem. I know that gigante is regarding the size. I do not see any punto oro mark but the quality seems like that and the dot made me...
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    Saludos desde Mexico

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    Saludos desde los pirineos

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    Does better grain equal better taste?

    Sure , the eye also smoke.
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    Hello from Spain

    Enhorabuena David.
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    Madrid Tobacconists

    Anyone who lives in Spain knows that that list is unreal. It is an official list but you would not be able to find most of the tobaccoes listed.
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    Looking for Scaferlati Caporal (05/20/23)

    The only Caporal of today that i know is in a white pouch and taste very similar to the old one wich was a cube. Very different to 5 brothers. Yes , it is made by the Danes (McBaren).
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    Madrid Tobacconists

    In Spain , tobacco is a monopoly from the state. So you can only find it on estancos. The number of tobaccoes that you can find is limited. However , if you want to try something not available in USA you can try Caporal . If you like strong dark tobacco you may like it. If you ever tasted...
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    Modern Burleys vs. Codger Burleys

    Personally , i enjoy what you call modern. I dislike what you call codger.
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    Any Advice on Quitting Cigarettes?

    Do not try to break the habit inmediatly. I suggest to go for alkaline tobacco like burley in the begining. Then , when you want a cigarette , light your pipe and smoke for about the same time that you spend on a cigarette. Continue doing this during the rest of the day. After several days you...
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    Real Bad at Lighting Cigars

    When you leave your cigars on the humidor in the same position for a long time , humidity accumulate on one side. That more humid side is more difficult to burn. My advice is to keep them more dry on the humidor (62-65%) and rotate them occasionally. Anyway , you can fix that while smoking by...
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    School me on Stingers.

    Their object is to condense. For that very same reason , i suggest you to take them out and throw them away. Regarding the Kaywoodie there is nothing you can do. I have a very old flame grain kaywoodie to wich i made a new stem with no condenser.