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  1. buffalopat

    Sons of Anarchy!

    I have it on dvr. Watched half of it going to finish the rest tonight when I get home from work
  2. buffalopat

    PAD Drove Me to Buy an Old Dunhill

    Still a good deal. Let us know how it cleans up.
  3. buffalopat

    Making A Pipe Rack

    Nice work. Wish I had more mechanical aptitude, so I could put together something like this. Until then, I will pick up the occasional deal on the bay.
  4. buffalopat

    Mississippi River and R.I.P. dad.

    My condolences to you and your family.
  5. buffalopat

    My First Peterson

    Christmas in August for me! I decided to splurge and picked up a Peterson Christmas Pipe 2014. This is my first Peterson, and I could wait to try it. Thanks to smokeybear's recent review I picked up some Villiger After Dinner and had some the other night. Truly delightful. It is amazing how...
  6. buffalopat

    Elba Pipes

    Nice looking pipes, sir. Especially after cleaning them up. Did some research online, turned up nothing for elba pipes. There is some info referring to a Lorenzo Elba, which is most likely the pipe maker, but it is very limited information.
  7. buffalopat

    Smokeybears Tobacco Journal Entry and Review: Villiger - 1888 After Diner

    Awesome review, buddy. This sounds awesome.
  8. buffalopat

    Re-staining a Rusticated Pipe

    For the stem, I used oxyclean, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and micro mesh. Worked out great.
  9. buffalopat

    Re-staining a Rusticated Pipe

    Got the pipe today. This is what is looked like before I did anything. So, now that I have the pipe in hand, sanding it down completely is out of the question, so I decided to follow the tip from jah76 and sand the high points. I started by bathing the pipe in alcohol (Bacardi 151) to remove...
  10. buffalopat

    DUI Blues

    Losing your job for something like this is actually pretty common. I'm an insurance agent, have my insurance license in 42 states. If I get a DUI, even without leaving the scene, I lose my license and lose my job. Hopefully this young man learns from this mistake and can move on with his life.
  11. buffalopat

    Re-staining a Rusticated Pipe

    jah76-Pipe hasn't arrive yet, so I don't know exactly how deep the rustication is, but that may be an option. I will get do some before and after pics once it arrives and I get I finish the process.
  12. buffalopat

    Re-staining a Rusticated Pipe

    Hey everyone, I decided to try my hand at restoring an estate pipe. Picked up a pipe for $6 on ebay that looked interesting, but the only downside is that it has a God-awful dark stain. The pipe is rusticated, so I was curious as to how difficult it will be to sand down to re-stain it and if...
  13. buffalopat

    Made My Second Pipe!

    Very nice looking pipe. Wish I had time to get into this part of the hobby.
  14. buffalopat

    Any Gamers On Here?

    I have XBOX One and do some gaming on my laptop. For the console, I usually play mostly shooters, COD Ghosts and Titanfall. On the computer, I play more grand strategy (i.e. Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4) as well as adventure games like The Walking Dead.
  15. buffalopat

    Robin Williams Rest In Peace

    Such a shame. RIP.