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  1. buckeye

    Pipes & Guns

  2. buckeye

    $165 Northern Briars Mistake

    Now i can see my homemade pipes being out of round.I am not a professional pipe maker.Looks like something i would make and if i sold it it would be for 50 Bucks.I would send it back.Selling pipes for 160 bucks it should be just about perfect.
  3. buckeye

    What are You Smoking? December, 2012

    Homemade Freehand and Frog Morton
  4. buckeye

    What are You Smoking? December, 2012

    Hackert and Frog Morton OTB
  5. buckeye

    What are You Smoking? December, 2012

    Home made Pipe.Navy Flake and a Cuban after Dinner. :puffpipe:
  6. buckeye

    Pipes,Cuban Cigars and Guns

    You can pee all you want.These are directly from Cuba or i would not smoke them. Got friends that go to Cuba every year to get them.
  7. buckeye

    Pipes,Cuban Cigars and Guns

    My buddy and his boy came up from Louisville KY to shoot some guns and he brought some fine Cubans.Little vid he made.
  8. buckeye

    Ebay Buying

    I have a bunch of estate pipes.Just need a little cleaning.will give you a great deal. pm me if interested.
  9. buckeye

    The Old Man in the Briar

    Wow,that`s wild.
  10. buckeye

    Penzance Is There a alternative.

    Go out back and dig up a little dirt and smoke it,bet that be
  11. buckeye

    For anyone near Cincinnati & Florence KY

    May go to the one in Florence.Downtown is hard to find a parking space.And may stop at Skyline.
  12. buckeye

    Craziest thing you've used for a tamper?

    A branch when i was out hunting.
  13. buckeye

    Greatest boxer ever in his prime

    More great highlights of Pryor.To bad drugs took over his life.
  14. buckeye

    Greatest boxer ever in his prime

    Aaron THE HAWK Pryor.He was local boxer.
  15. buckeye

    2010 New Jake Hackert For Sale

    not sure at work right now.nice size bowl.