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  1. brudnod

    Is this pipe worth it?

    Listen to PipeStuf...
  2. brudnod

    Viprati pipes OK?

    I have two and they are great smokers and well designed pipes.
  3. brudnod

    The Curse Of Exclusivity

    Exclusive? You'll get over it...
  4. brudnod

    Happy Birthday jiminks

    As Indiana Jones said: "it's not the years, its the miles".
  5. brudnod

    Losing Things

    That's the worst you have to offer?!?
  6. brudnod

    Case Pocket Knives

    My mother-in-law gave me a 3.5 inch (9 cm), 2 ounce (56 grams) four blade knife for Christmas about 40 years ago. I carried it around every day (including a knife fight in New Orleans in 1992) and it has served me very well. It has not been a carry knife since 9-11 due to flight and other...
  7. brudnod

    Which Bourbon For A Brit Newbie?

    The best bang for your buck is George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey, No. 12.
  8. brudnod

    What Is Your Cellar Variety?

    Just guessing since some of the amounts are not specific. Guessing about 40 pounds and 20 varieties. Mostly Virginia blends. I also have a healthy stock of Syrian tobacco just in case the Middle East completely crashes...
  9. brudnod

    Sorry I have been missing

    Enjoy the tea ceremony and respect the elders. And good luck with the pipe...
  10. brudnod

    Pipe Stripping Question

    I put a post a couple of years ago ( on picking up a Lorenzetti pipe that had this weird red varnish on it and some cracks in the finish. Sanded it down and the color was better as well as the grain pattern; also seemed to smoke better - but...
  11. brudnod

    You Paid How Much For That Pipe?

    You can drive safely while smoking a pipe, can avoid walking into a telephone pole while searching out the latest Pokimon Go character and look pretty smart doing so. Not so much with a "smart" phone...
  12. brudnod

    Washington DC

    PM sent
  13. brudnod

    RIP Gene Wilder

    I'll have to watch Young Frankenstein tonight...
  14. brudnod

    Jim's Iwan Ries Three Star Blue Review.

    I have smoked this blend for more than 40 years and the most recent purchase (2014) was pretty much the same as way back when. Good evaluation and a steady blend for just about any time.