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  1. broth

    Trends in the online community

    I also started smoking a pipe in 2006 and 2007 and then took a big break for about 5 years. Thinking back the big thing that stands out to me when I returned in that I couldn't' find Penzance anymore! (just as you mentioned!). I also was bummed that Frenchy wasn't selling pipes...
  2. broth

    Kramer's Father Dempsey

    I don't usually review tobaccos as I think these things tend to be highly subjective and my palate isn't that great. However I just recently tried Kramer's Father Dempsey and it's one of the finest blends I've ever smoked. It's a very smooth, subtle English/Scottish type blend. I've heard it...
  3. broth

    I Got To Meet Brian Levine!

    Brian's a good guy. I actually found out a few years ago that he lived in my neighborhood at the time. He invited me over and we shared a couple of bowls together and some Makers 46. He also gave me a 100g tin of HH Vintage Syrian too since he can't stand Latakia (while I love it!). I've since...
  4. broth

    Video Games Featuring Pipesmoking

    I played Lord of the Rings Online a couple of times and you can grow tobacco and smoke a pipe. It isn't heavily featured but it was kind of cool to see they put it in.
  5. broth

    What Music Are You Listening To? (October 2017)

    I've been listening primarily to Lunasa. I've been rotating between their self-titled debut, The Merry Sisters of Fate and Redwood albums the past few days. Here's a sample. Donogh and Mike's (1 August, Windbroke) from The Merry Sisters of Fate. The transition between the tunes at 1:48 kills me...
  6. broth

    Do You Still Have Your First Pipe?

    Yep. It is a Tinderbox basket pipe stamped 'Carolina Briar'. It is a smooth bent billard with a finish so thick and shiny it looks like it was dipped in plastic. Bought it in 2006.
  7. broth

    Share Your Favorite All Day Smoking Tobacco, Please and Thank You

    Escudo Capstan Flake (blue) Penzance Dunhill EMP Squadron Leader Any of those 5 could be an all day smoke for me. With the exception of Penzance, they are all very well balanced between being mellow but still having enough depth to be interesting. Penzance is definitely full bodied, but I...
  8. broth

    Tobaccos I'd Rather Not Live Without

    Penzance Escudo Hal 'o The Wynd EMP 965 Nightcap Capstan Flake There's a bunch more I'd really miss, but those are the ones I'd be truly upset about I think.
  9. broth

    Show Off Your Cavicchi Pipes Here!

    My one and only Cavicchi. Cavicchi was my first "dream" pipe. When I first saw them on years ago they just blew me away with their beauty. I always wanted to own one, but new ones are just out of my price range. I got lucky and got a great deal on this one from eBay last year...
  10. broth

    Beverage of Choice

    I'm usually drinking water, beer, or nothing at all.
  11. broth


    I've always used matches since I started smoking a pipe around 2006. I've never had much luck with lighters and I prefer the control-ability and the flame of a match. That said, I've always wanted to try an Old Boy style lighter. I'm sure I'll get one eventually but I haven't yet ponied up the...
  12. broth

    Why did you first pick up a pipe?

    I smoked cigarettes for years so I was already a smoker (luckily I'm done with that habit). I knew that my grandfather had smoked a pipe and quit shortly after I was born. By 2006 he had passed and I wished I had a better connection to him when he was alive. I was a big fan of The Hobbit and...
  13. broth

    What is your best smoking pipe?

    Castello Sea Rock Briar #17. It's a saddle bit pot that has an open draw and is very light and easy to clench. or Claudio Cavicchi bent billiard. Hangs just right despite it's size and smokes like a dream.
  14. broth

    Pipe Tobacco Blends

    I don't smoke a lot of aromatics, but there are a few that I like and smoke. Other than that, I pretty much smoke anything and everything. I usually tend to lean heavier on VAs and VA/Pers in the warmer months and heavier on Orientals and Latakia blends in the cooler months, but even that isn't...