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  1. briarfriar

    Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue

    You just reminded me of a little box of the stuff that’s been laying around here somewhere for about ten years.
  2. briarfriar

    News Story About New Pipe Factory

    Musician Pete Provost now makes pipes in Tennessee. Read all about it here.
  3. briarfriar

    Amphora Full Aroma: an Aromatic Blend

    I always thought of it as a Cavendish rather than an aromatic.
  4. briarfriar

    Evelyn Waugh: One of Literature's Great Smokers

    Ah, Bertie and Jeeves were the creations of P.G. Wodehouse.
  5. briarfriar

    Evelyn Waugh: One of Literature's Great Smokers

    "Smoke Signals, or the Biography of a Smoker" is a nicely written essay with plenty of photos of Evelyn Waugh with his pipes and cigars. Read all about it here. Jay
  6. briarfriar

    Need English Recommendations

    English mixtures encompass a great variety of tastes, making recommendations difficult.
  7. briarfriar

    Smoking Coltsfoot?

    No, I never heard of it, so I thought I should ask here.
  8. briarfriar

    Smoking Coltsfoot?

    More Masonic history involving pipes records the smoking of coltsfoot. Two hundred years ago, there was a Freemason who proved to be vital to the success of the new United Grand Lodge of England. A book I’ve come across says Peter Gilkes “was a great smoker, and averaged thirty pipes of tobacco...
  9. briarfriar

    Hello from NY

    Welcome to the Forums! Check out New York Pipe Club when you can. Hopefully meetings will resume soon.
  10. briarfriar

    1839 Book Claims Urine was Used in Tobacco

    If you read enough, you learn things you didn't want to know. A book from 1839 titled "A Paper: Of Tobacco--Treating of the Rise, Progress, Pleasures, and Advantages of Smoking, with Anecdotes of Distinguished Smokers," by the improbably named Joseph Fume, offers the following: This actually...
  11. briarfriar

    My L.J. Peretti Haul

    And it is located just a few steps from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts!
  12. briarfriar

    My L.J. Peretti Haul

    My haul from a visit to L.J. Peretti in Boston, USA last week: An ounce each of various English, Balkan, Oriental, and Cavendish mixtures. A very special shop. You can tell by the aroma that greets you upon entering.
  13. briarfriar

    Seeking Stokkebye Recommendations

    You might enjoy Mac Baren Virginia No. 1 also.
  14. briarfriar

    The Pipe Den's Sue Marshbanks Dies in Crash

    The wife of The Pipe Den’s owner was killed in a car accident on the eve of their golden wedding anniversary. Read all about it here.
  15. briarfriar

    Masonic Lodge Bans Cigars

    There was a practical reason at that time. Fires affected a number of lodges, and they lost their prized possessions, like their charters, regalia etc.