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  1. bluesmoke

    Uncle Ernie

    Welcome to the group! Jeff
  2. bluesmoke

    Good Tobacco Shop in Wichita?

    Never been, butI've heard about it--I'd like to go some time. Is it near Wichita? I play Bluegrass bass.
  3. bluesmoke

    Good Tobacco Shop in Wichita?

    Wichita, Kansas, Sorry about that.
  4. bluesmoke

    Good Tobacco Shop in Wichita?

    I'm visiting family in Wichita later this week. Can anyone recommend a tobacco shop with a good selection of tobacco?
  5. bluesmoke

    Brands and Shapes-Why Do You Like Them?

    I like Savinellis (most of my collection), and Stanwells, some BenWade freehands for a large bowl and long reflective smoke, Grabows for the quality of the early sandblasts and consistently great smoke, and particularly in bent bulldog shapes in most of my pipes. Bent Bulldogs because of the...
  6. bluesmoke

    Old Dominican Glory Maduro

    I love this stuff! it's not a cigar, but it is what it is--tasty, and does what a lot of burley-based blends wish they could do so well .
  7. bluesmoke

    Holiday Toast to the Mods

    Thanks for all you do, Mods. Cheers!
  8. bluesmoke

    Godless on Netflix

    I liked Longmire, too. Now I have to find what to watch next. Maybe I'll pick up on the fourth season of Turn, based on Alexander Rose's book. Good historical drama.
  9. bluesmoke

    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    Three for me--Stonehaven, Old Dark Fired, and Bold Kentucky. I'm a new fan of these three, especially the Old Dark Fired. Guess I discovered Kentucky blends this year. Also , most recently, discovered McClellan 40th Anniv. Looks like it's been a good 2017!
  10. bluesmoke

    Coming up to Retirement

    Congratulations, Mike. I'm about two years behind you for retirement, but I'll probably do something like you've planned when I do. If it's a Dunhill you want, search for the one you like, old or new, and smoke it with a satisfied mind. And your tattoo seems to suggest something important to...
  11. bluesmoke

    Godless on Netflix

    I've watched the first two episodes. I love westerns, and this one has lots of interesting characters. Frank Griffin is a bit reminiscent of Judge Holden in Cormac McCarty's Blood Meridian, although not as deep , and not as cold-blooded. An unusual role for Jeff Daniels, put he pulls it off...
  12. bluesmoke

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2017)

    1792 in a Dr. Grabow Sculptura
  13. bluesmoke

    Next Single Malt To Buy?

    Aberlour A'bunadh--aged in sherry casks Double wood Hedonism--from Compass Box, a blended scotch, but uniquely as good as, and better than many single malts.
  14. bluesmoke

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Turkey's in the cooker, family on the way over, morning in the kitchen with my wife, clean pipes in the rack ready for after dinner smoking. We've all got lots to be thankful for, don't we? Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  15. bluesmoke

    Offer Your Extra Pipe Smoking Items Here, for FREE

    I've got a sampler for anyone in the U.S or outside the U.S. Send me a PM. Open til midnight Friday, and I'll pick a random winner. Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Dunhill 965 G.L. Pease Stratford G.L. Pease Telegraph Hill Blackhouse Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake Stokkebye English Oriental...