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  1. batdemon

    August 2014 Caption Winners Sponsored by & Savinelli

    Thanks to the sponsors and congratulations to the winners!
  2. batdemon

    Best G.L. Pease tobacco?

    My favorites at the moment are Gaslight and Haddo's Delight
  3. batdemon

    And a New P&T Web Comic Was Born...

    Great work, Trever! Very funny! :clap:
  4. batdemon

    No Lighters on the Airplane?

    I have been stopped 3 times, at different airports, and told I could not take my Zippo on the plane. Each time I politely pointed out that according to the TSA website it was ok. In each instance the agent has checked with their supervisor and given my Zippo back to me and apologised.
  5. batdemon

    How Many Pipes In Your Collection Never Need A Pipe Cleaner

    I have an Oom Paul that requires a pipe cleaner once or twice during a smoke but none of my others do. However, I have re drilled all of mine with the exception of my two most recent additions, which are a Rad Canadian and a Sav poker. Both of these had open draws from the start and didn't need...
  6. batdemon

    Caption Contest 2 Place Prize

    @cmdrmcbragg: If my memory is correct, it took something like 6 or 7 tries before I won the first time. When I have won, it is a case of the caption immediately jumping into my head, the times when I have had to try and come up with a caption have never won.
  7. batdemon

    The FDA is "ramping up on aromatics"

    I am an employee of a large, nationwide bank and I can tell you that as of the end of last month we stopped doing business with payday loan/advance business. I only mention this because it is on the list of high risk business.
  8. batdemon

    Caption Contest 2 Place Prize

    My 2nd place prize from last months caption contest came in last Friday. I wasn't able to get pics posted until today. As you can see, this is a nice size pipe with a rusticated finish and good thick walls. I am very happy with this Sav because it is not a shape I would have picked out for...
  9. batdemon

    June 2014 Caption Winners Sponsored by & Savinelli

    I am very happy to take 2nd place! Congrats to the other winners!!!
  10. batdemon

    Gift Of A J.T.Cooke

    What a beauty! Congrats, Bradley & fantastic gesture, Chris. The members of the pipe community are some of the most generous folks I know.
  11. batdemon

    1st Rad

    After listening to Harris extoll the virtues of Rad Davis pipes so much that I am convinced he is, in reality, Rad's publicity manager, I decided to take the bait. I had to save up and then wait for a Rad to come along that appealed to me. I really like Billiards, Canadians and Pots, so when...
  12. batdemon

    Pipe Likes Plum Pudding -- What Else?

    I love Plum Pudding. It is my favorite blend but I only smoke it once in a while, kind of like a treat. I have an Aldo Velani bent dublin that smokes Plum Pudding so well, it just sings. It smokes it so well that I dedicated it to Plum Pudding. As far as blends that might be similar, I would try...
  13. batdemon

    Mississippi River ROCKS!!!

    MR is very good indeed! I always have some on hand as well as Plum Pudding, which I think is fantastic.
  14. batdemon

    Blasted Reverse Calabash Snappin' Turtle

    Great work, Zack. That's a beauty! :clap:
  15. batdemon

    My Pipes Were Stolen Today!!!

    That really sucks, Dave. I am very sorry for your loss.