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  1. badbriar

    Beginner Perspective of Peterson's Nightcap

    Nightcap is perhaps NOT a beginner's blend. Many / most reviews put this one at full, however, I find it to be a bit less potent than that. A gorgeously strong-ish English blend that hits on all cylinders. Leave this one to the big boys! :col:
  2. badbriar

    Stoved and Unstoved Virginias

    Stoved Virginias are very mild, but have an amazingly sweet scent and add a little bit of pleasant sweetness. They are like adding euro black Cavendish, but a little sweeter. I use often when making a Scottish style. Good stuff. Watch City uses stoved in a number of their blends. Good to...
  3. badbriar

    Mississippi River Vs Rum Barrel Aged vs Special Reserve

    I quite ike the original Missippi River - light on the Latakia and big on the Virginias. The Va's & Perique come through on every sip as a light tangy-sour note in the background, but definitely noticeable. Slight sweetness to start, then the tang come in with an overall light smokiness. This...
  4. badbriar

    Peterson System Gurgling

    Very Nice - Looks Good! Well Done!
  5. badbriar

    Peterson System Gurgling

    None of my Petersons gurgle, however, a few others that I own and quite like do. I suspect most gurgling to be drooling by the pipe smoker or condensation from overly moist tobacco. just MNSHO! Not a big deal and certainly not a deal breaker on an otherwise good smoking pipe. Just dry your...
  6. badbriar

    Peterson System Gurgling

    At 3-5 times the cost of the average Peterson, Castellos SHOULD be pretty darn flawless!
  7. badbriar

    Best Tobacco Type for Each Category

    Well, you have to get yourself Peterson (Dunhill) Nightcap and 965 to start. They are very good, classic blends - if you like Latkia. For another great blend with just over a whisper of Latakia, but a lot of other good flavors is the original Missippip River. Have fun with the hunt! puffy
  8. badbriar

    Since it Doesn't Look Like I Will Ever Get to Try Penzance

    Penzance is an emotional buy now for those that have to chase unobtaniums. I like it quite a bit, but pass it up to open other blends that I like a lot better that are available every day and often on sale. YMMV.
  9. badbriar

    Danish Pipe Shop Tobacco Recommendations?

    Ditto - forget the stuff you can eventually get here in the States. Go for the Unicorns that you CANNOT get here. Buy the wife some shoes to offset the pipe you WILL get!!! hahau
  10. badbriar

    Captain Earle Blends

    Well, with these on sale, the timing for this question may be on the mark. Which of their 8 available blends are winners and which are snoozers? And - which are absolute must have favorites?
  11. badbriar

    May as Well Admit It: I Like Fr. Dempsey Best. What Should I Purchase That's Like It?

    Fr. Dempsey is one of my fav's also. You should really try Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River. Just the regular one - no need for the reserve, etc. Absolutely my favorite! Lighter Lat than the Father, but a lot more depth and flavor from all of the other tobacco players. First time I've...
  12. badbriar

    Still Looking For Some Esoterica Pembroke 3/28/21

    If you like sweeter latakia blends, buy some bulk stoved Virginia and add to you current English blends. Stoved Virginia has a nice residual sweetness and amazing aroma. Easy, cost effective way to sweeten up otherwise savory blends. ;)
  13. badbriar

    SP Sale Cobblestone Blends

    Not sure about success with trading odd items. People here are pretty savvy and are not likely to go for dog-rocket stuff! rotfrotfrotf
  14. badbriar

    What is Samuel Gawith’s Most Under-Rated Tobacco?

    Strictly going by availability, their Balkan Flake is likely to be the one most under-rated (or least favored). That seems to be one of the few that's left after the race to load up! Personally, I find it quite good to mix with GH's stronger stuff. :coffee:
  15. badbriar

    SPC Mississippi River

    I have the reserve and will be popping the top soon! It will be amazing if the Reserve is even better than the original!