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    Canada Post, This Was Too Much!

    I do believe the truth is always the best route to take and I take pride in being an honest and caring citizen, but the current war on tobacco is such that we are automatically labelled as "smokers" and, therefore, "wrong" in any regard. The anti tobacco faction has an arrogance that suggests...
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    Rare S. Bang Panel Billiard Re-Stem

    Beautiful work!
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    Canada Post, This Was Too Much!

    Yes, they were mistaken in letting me grab the package. But, as Redglow pointed out, I was sure I was legally entitled to the contents of the package and the girl was probably stunned that I actually opened it. I'm sure any consequences of such an absurd situation could be cleared up with a...
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    Canada Post, This Was Too Much!

    I don't post on this forum often though I've been a member for a while. But I had to post this. Last time I listened to the Pipes Magazine podcast Brian was talking about churchwarden pipes. I decided to get one. I traded a few estate pipes for a Ropp Balzac from Smoking pipes and all it costed...
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    Help! I broke down (and bought a Dunhill)

    A very nice pipe, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I think the Red Bark predated the Ruby Bark.
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    What are the Benefits to a Lovat Shape

    I've collected lovats exclusively for a long while now. Sometimes I think I should try something new but then I think I've found what I like so why bother?
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    jazz music recommendation?

    Renaud Garcia-Fons with Jean Louis Matiniere for some contemporary "fusion"
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    Save Tobacco Packaging in Canada

    Hi All, here is an important request to all Canadian members and those with smoking pals here in our part of the continent. Our lovely ministers seems to be pressing forward towards a "healthy" alternative to life and though it seems we cannot stop them, we can at least offer some resistance...
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    If You Had to Buy Pipes From One Country for the Rest of Your Life...

    How could only two of us decide on France? They make wonderful pipes!
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    Chicago Show 2015

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is planning on attending the show but hasn't gotten a room yet (or wants to save by splitting one). I have a double room booked as that was all that was available for my time frame. I'll be there from Wednesday night until checkout Monday morning...
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    New Pipe for Christmas This is a link to a curved shank pipe. Follow the links in the comments for more information. There is a drawing and explanation in french on drilling.
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    Standards, we don't need no stinkin' standards!

    Maybe there are no group 1s? 22322 Edit* so confused haha. 22312 l to r
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    Standards, we don't need no stinkin' standards!

    22311 left to righ
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    Standards, we don't need no stinkin' standards!

    11312 left to right?
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    Standards, we don't need no stinkin' standards!

    12321 left hand to right hand