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  1. archerdarkpint

    How Dry? A Good Place To Start

    Dry as dry. My preference has evolved, but it was not without a lot of trial and error. Spent several long years until I was satisfied or at least adjusted to my method and means of attaining enjoyment. As an example, I may pack a pipe with tobacco that I feel is dry "enough" and I'll leave...
  2. archerdarkpint

    Your Preferred Method of Smoking Flakes

    Allow the flakes to dry if overly moist, then break it down into small bits. Scoop them into the pipe and layer and tamp until full. Alternatively, allow the flakes to dry, but still pliable; then fold and stuff,
  3. archerdarkpint

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    McClelland 2015 from Jan 2012...meerschaum bent.
  4. archerdarkpint

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    Mac Baren Burley (London Blend) in a Peterson Rosslare (black in color - rustic finish).
  5. archerdarkpint

    What are You Reading Now?

    Re-reading "The Stand" by Stephen King.
  6. archerdarkpint

    What Are You Listening To ~ Dec. 2019

    Steely Dan..."Citizen 1972 - 1980."
  7. archerdarkpint

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Old Joe Krantz in Peterson Dracula.
  8. archerdarkpint

    Question For Everyone New And Old.

    Depends on the mood. Sometime it's consistently one type or blend, and then other times, it's whatever catches my attention. A fair representation leads to variety.
  9. archerdarkpint

    The Tobacco You Reach For Without Thinking

    Edgeworth Match - Ready Rubbed - Lane Limited or Sutliff...whichever one is open.
  10. archerdarkpint

    Pipe Spotting

    Southern Maryland...walking through the parking lot of local Walmart, spotted gentleman in a convertible (top down) lighting up a pipe. Called over..."Hey! A pipe too." He nodded, waved and gave me the thumbs up. I travel quite a bit for my job (hence why I rarely post) and if I...
  11. archerdarkpint

    One Year, Only One Brand Blender -- Which?

    Mac Baren...has it all. Aromatics, burley, latakia, VA, dark fired...
  12. archerdarkpint

    Candy Like Sweet Aromatics Recommendations Please

    Sutliff Coco-Creme - #333. Oh so sweet, maybe too much. I tend to cut it down with a burley blend to amp up the coco flavor and tone down the sweetness. Mix is about 1 part Coco Creme to 3 parts burley blend.
  13. archerdarkpint

    Va/Per Dark-Fired Trend

    Big fan of GLP's Triple Play and Jack Knife...also pleasantly surprised by Newminster #403 - Superior Round Slices - great depth in flavor profile and great price.
  14. archerdarkpint

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    "Blue Horizon" by Wilbur Smith and the Operator's Manual for a Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer.
  15. archerdarkpint

    Heading to Germany on Saturday

    Lived in Germany for ten plus years and spent time in Berlin on several occasions, my first when it was divided. Very pipe friendly and many different blends available at the large and small tobacconists. Miss it, but I'll get back there eventually.