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    A Sighting In The Wild!

    Ahhh the elusive and blurry and inconclusive sweet sounds of the Saxsquatch. He should put out an album titled "Crypto-blues-ology."
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    Nording PAD

    Hahaha! I picked a fine night, huh? Haha! Duane saw my Youtube video.
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    Nording PAD

    Sorry folks... er... been drinking the cleaning fluid and got lost. But MAN! All the pretty colors! WOWWEEEE! Oh.... Nordings.... great pipes. I love them! Fantastic smokers!
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    Are Mason Jars Scarce in Your Area?

    I'm pretty sure it's a prepper thing. A lot of people are afraid there's going to be a food shortage.
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    Vintage Gamers: What is Wrong Here?

    We thought the graphics were soooooo good back then! rotf Still, so much fun, and so many fantastic games. Still fun to play to this day.
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    Stressed Out? Me too. New Rule - Please Read

    Oh crap... I think you're right... we're all a bunch of pipe smokin snowflakes! Hahaha rotf
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    Stressed Out? Me too. New Rule - Please Read

    Well it's simple actually. You can't turn on the tv or anything else for that matter without the doom and gloom being all over the place. It really shouldn't be all over this, our place of refuge, as well. You get that, right? Too difficult for ya? Maybe? His site his rules.
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    Stressed Out? Me too. New Rule - Please Read

    Some here won't last minutes.... so sad. So very very sad.
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    Sweet New Six String!

    Super 58's. She is quite light. Stella's a cool name, but I've settled on Eowyn. She's definitely an Eowyn.
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    Stressed Out? Me too. New Rule - Please Read

    Well I WAS coming on to to inform all of you whom I consider dear friends that I heard it from good authority that the aliens are real and are planning to soon launch their first wave of attacks to take over our planet and enslave those of us who survive their onslaught. But...
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    Smoke On The Water

    Haha! I only take requests for Free Bird!
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    Sweet New Six String!

    Ah... I bet you're looking at the AS models. They're very similar in shape and size to the Gibson 335. I've seen some pretty good reviews on those. I was actually originally looking at one of those before I saw this one lol!
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    Jut Won This on Ebay!

    I'm with lightmybriar and embers, thinking cheeroot holder. Regardless, it's super cool!
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    Sweet New Six String!

    I've been pretty unimpressed with Gibson for years, their quality control seems to have gone down the tubes. And it seems to be pretty widely accepted that you're just paying for the name and not quality anymore. However, my understanding is the Epiphone end of the company still puts out good...