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  1. anantaandroscoggin

    Fujima Pipes

    Bought a Fujima corn cob pipe when Lisbon Street News closed down. Poorly finished, some of the cobs on the board still had curled shavings attached partly inside the bowl. It smokes OK, but nothing special. I didn't even know Fujima (sounds Japanese, but it most certainly IS a Chinese company)...
  2. anantaandroscoggin

    Did English really smoke English?

    It's like those Folger coffee commercials that make the claim: "It's Mountain Grown!" -- WELL DUH!!! Where else are you going to find coffee bushes growing? All coffee brands are grown on mountainsides. But . . . Folgers said it first in its commercials.
  3. anantaandroscoggin

    'New' Vintage Dr. Grabow Pipes

    They're just not set up for online ordering, despite having a website. They only accept money orders or paper checks, having not yet abandoned the 1950's mail-order business model. Love their pipes, though. I have two of their Excel pipes, and two of their Eagle '69 pipes (those both...
  4. anantaandroscoggin

    Just Dug My Pipes Out of Storage

    Keep the wife happy? ! ? ! ? An impossible task for some of us. Lately there have been days where my wife has a chip on her shoulder about the size of Rhode Island.
  5. anantaandroscoggin

    Breaking in an MM Cob.

    I have two or three MM cobs where my pufferbilly cadence has managed to loosen up the shank from the bowl. I also have some where the spoon has burned away on its own, without any deliberate help from me. I even have one where if I clench it, the weight of the bowl/tobacco/shank is enough to...
  6. anantaandroscoggin

    Just Dug My Pipes Out of Storage

    I'm suddenly reminded of the scene in the Woody Allen movie, just after they defrost him and unwrap the aluminum foil, when the future-scientist member of the underground lights up, and when Woody's character exclaims neurotically about it, tells him it had been found to be "actually good for...
  7. anantaandroscoggin

    Floating Black Particles

    My suspicion is that any such particles are most likely to be some of the partially-burned hydrocarbons released before the fire gets going fully in the pipe. Some of these are what settles on the rim of a pipe and forms that build-up of gunk thereupon.
  8. anantaandroscoggin

    How'd They Do It: Curved Airway in Horn Stem?

    When you boil horn for a while, you can reshape it under pressure.
  9. anantaandroscoggin

    Happy Kiseru Day, September 1

    @anotherbob as the writers at MAD Magazine used to put it: YEEEECCCHHHHH ! ! ! ! !
  10. anantaandroscoggin

    Smokin and Walkin

    Or, you get very creative about taking a "scenic route."
  11. anantaandroscoggin

    Happy Kiseru Day, September 1

    The first time I ever saw one, I wondered if it originated as an opium smoker's pipe.
  12. anantaandroscoggin

    Smokin and Walkin

    My self-observation regarding this, is that sometimes along the way I unconsciously begin puffing on the pipe in time with whatever cadence I'm stepping along to. Never happens when just walking short distances, just when it's an intended walkabout the whatever.
  13. anantaandroscoggin

    The Banana Boat Stranded At Midway Island

    The Spanish introduced bananas to Central and South America in 1515 for a cheap food source for their slaves.
  14. anantaandroscoggin

    Forums Amazonian Heritage

    Up here in Maine, we sometimes get the door-to-door religion salesmen. Some of them show an attitude that the more people they can convert, the closer to the right hand of Jesus their throne in Heaven will be. Others, when they say they will "pray for you," actually pray that their god will...
  15. anantaandroscoggin

    Lat Bomb...

    When I tried out Ten Russians, I remember thinking that it was perhaps halfway-to the Vottis pipe shop's English blend, at most. I miss that stuff!