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    Roadtown Pipes

    I have four Road Town pipes, and I have to admit that I've not experienced this chemical taste from any of them.
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    Texan Does Good

    Knew a guy who liked the phrase, "Just break the horns off, and chase it past the fire a couple of times."
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    Plugs, Flakes & Ganja Grinders.

    You left off the final "er" there, it's "more betterer" to those in the know(nothing)s.
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    Anyone Else LOVE Ten Russians as Much as Me? I Cannot Smoke Enough of this Stuff.

    I'm still trying to find a match for the Vottis Pipe Shop's (Schenectady NY) English blend. Ten Russians was only part-way there for me.
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    Is OHM Worth the Money?

    I figure that if the online Pipe retailers are selling a particular blend of bagged tobacco to their pipe-smoking customers, then it's likely it was blended originally more for the pipe smoker, and I shouldn't mind that someone local (we have no Maine tobacconists) happens to carry the stuff...
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    Are You Using Vintage Pipe Racks and Humidors?

    A couple of times, I was able to find a neoprene "O-Ring" close enough in size that I could stretch it on to the thing I needed to seal.
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    Granddaughter Goofing Off

    I'm surprised that anybody would bother to go trapping for porcupines in this day and age. That's one thing my own grandfather taught me, to trap porcupine, chain your trap at the bottom of a tree, and then pee on the tree above the trap is to bait it. I never bothered to try it out myself...
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    Tamping And The Bottom Of The Bowl?

    Now I'm confused. I had gotten the impression that dottle is the remaining unburned (perhaps partly charred, perhaps soggy) tobacco left behind when the smoker lets the pipe go out at the end of a pipeful. Now, I'm wondering if dottle is instead the charred but not yet burned up layer between...
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    End Table Pipe Stand

    Sounds like the mixture they cooked up in the novel (and later movie) No Time for Sergeants.
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    I Started A “Kitchen Sink” Jar

    Make sure to shake up/roll the jar from time to time to help spread the deliciousness throughout the jar. It's interesting, the subtle changes to the taste that you discover each time you fill a bowl from these kinds of jar. I do one jar for Latakia-bearing blends, and and one jar labeled "The...
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    A New Threat To My Cellar

    Somehow I'm reminded of how George Jetson would occasionally bitch about his three hour work week.
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    Four Wood Pipe Racks, One 9, Two 6's and One 3...1/28/21

    Your signature quotation somehow has me reminded of those scenes where Morticia Addams asks a visitor if they minded if she smoked, and then proceeds to fold her arms and do so sans any kind of tobacco.
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    TV Show with Pipe Smoker?

    I used to watch 77 Sunset Strip first run along with my grandfather. I especially remember since one of the years it was on, granddad turned 77 and we kids would chant the title song bit sometimes when referencing him that year. It was my other grandfather who smoked a pipe,though.
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    TV Show with Pipe Smoker?

    Seems to me that several of the characters on Tugboat Annie (I believe starring Marjorie Main) [sp?] were often puffing on their pipes.