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  1. algenib

    New England Vaca.... plus NEW Pipes! (pic heavy)

    Looks like an awesome trip! Love all the fall colors. I'm moving up to southern Maine next year, and I'm really excited for fall. Down here in Florida it's still as green as it was this summer. I also really like those pipes. I'm pretty partial to panel billiards, and the blast on that one looks...
  2. algenib

    Quiting The Bad Habit Of Cigarette Smoking

    I used to smoke cigarettes and can't smoke my pipe all day to keep the nicotine urge at bay, so I vape to help feed that addiction. Hopefully someday I'll have a home office where I can puff as much as I want, but for now, the vape is a God send. It was a choice between quitting all smoking...
  3. algenib

    Young(er) Pipe Smokers

    I'm a 25 year old smoker. I've been smoking since I was 18, but I'm still uncomfortable doing it in public. I don't want it to be seen as some stupid affectation, but I guess I'm just a few years away from it not being *too* strange. I've smoked in public a few times before, and I always get...
  4. algenib

    In Praise of Aromatics from a Non-Aro Guy

    I'm mostly a Virginia/VaPer/Oriental guy, but I still have a soft spot for a good aro. I actually only have one in stock at the moment, and I'm thinking I've got to change that on my next order. Definitely going to get some Bagpipers Dream, and there's a couple from C&D and Peterson that I might...
  5. algenib

    New Pipe Day Problem

    I love my Stanwells, but I think you should definitely fire up that Dunhill first.
  6. algenib

    The Perfect Tamper

    That's some good old codger ingenuity.
  7. algenib

    Recommend me a tobacco?

    +1 on the Trout Stream. It's not the most flavorful smoke, but it's a really decent aro with a great room note and no bite. Also, I haven't had Connoisseur's Choice in years, but I remember liking it quite a bit. I keep meaning to order it, but other tobaccos always bump it off the list. I...
  8. algenib

    P&C Dilemma--What Pipe to Choose?

    I only have one BC, but I'm not terribly impressed by it. If I were you, I'd go with the featherweight. I've also got one of the brushed black Stanwells. It's a good smoker, but I think the featherweight with the tin of BS is a better deal.
  9. algenib

    SG FVF Review

    I've got some bulk FVF jarred up that's coming up on a year. Not sure if I should crack it at the year point, or hold out longer. How do you think your aged flakes compared to a fresh batch? I have a lot of favorite blends in my permanent rotation, but FVF is the only one I truly find myself...
  10. algenib

    Any Recommendations For A "Creamy" Tobacco?

    Thanks for the recommendations! I think the creaminess must be coming from the cigar leaf itself. MC Dominican Glory Maduro and Key Largo have been on my TAD list for a while, so I might just bump it up to my next order. I've also run across Kendal Cream Flake numerous times and I have no idea...
  11. algenib

    Piping on the Upper Provo--Uintahs, Utah

    Looks a lot like where I grew up in southern Idaho. Great pictures! Makes me a bit homesick now that I'm down in humid old Florida.
  12. algenib

    Any Recommendations For A "Creamy" Tobacco?

    In the cigar world, the tobacco is often reviewed as being creamy. I'm not looking for a cigar flavor in my pipe, but rather that same essence. I think this might be hard to pin down, as I suspect a lot of the creaminess comes from the mouth feel of the cigar smoke, which is much more voluminous...
  13. algenib

    In Search of Pipe Memes

    Best one yet, cosmic. Keep them coming!
  14. algenib

    A Quick Tip

    I saw a picture where some old codger had run a hole straight through one of his briars doing this, and he fixed it up by plugging the hole with a screw.
  15. algenib

    Rope tobacco suggestions

    I haven't tried any ropes yet, Grouchy, but I'm with you in that I don't ever get a nic kick from the pipe if I don't inhale. I'll have to smoke a LFD Double Ligero just to feel any amount of nicotine, and even then it isn't too strong. We'll see though. I've comprised half my next TAD list of...