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    Sutliff Tobacco Recommendations

    I've tried the pouch and liked it, how does the bulk version compare to the pouch version?
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    What’s Happened To Condor RR

    I'm not sure if I've ever tried the old version, but I'm smoking the Long Cut (flakes) purchased last year and they're fantastic.
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    Best Italian Online Shops To Buy A Ser Jacopo Pipe?

    Althouugh not an Italian vendor, just sent me an email notifying the stocking of SJ pipes. They provide free worldwide shipping for orders over 100 euros, which is the case for any SJs as far as I know.
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    Rare Military Careers

    Although I'm just a guy serving my mandatory period in ROKA (South Korean Army), I think my job is pretty unique too. On the western frontline of South Korea, there are several tourist sites. You may have heard of the Joint Security Area, JSA. I am posted about 10 minutes from the JSA, where the...
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    Aromatic Flake Recommendation

    How I know it is that Kolhase & Kopp (or just KK, not sure about the spelling) used to make Peterson tobaccos, and now they're using the recipe they had procured then to make a same blend, just under a name they still have the rights to.
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    Where To Buy Real/Trusted Meerschaum Pipes

    My only meerschaum is from a guy named Hilmi Cay ( and his pipe hasn't failed me. Mine cost $89, although most of his pipes are priced higher. He provides free international shipping as far as I know. I live in South Korea.
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    LET'S PLAY: Pipes Around the World

    Hama - South Korea. The blonde stained one belongs to a friend and isn't mine, I just didn't have enoungh photos of my pupe.
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    When Was Dunhill's Prime?

    In terms of quality, I mean. IMHO Dunhills are still thriving regardless of the polarizing views upon them, and I am curious how and when they got the NV to justify today's prices.
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    Iwan Ries 10% to 30% Discount Sale

    mso489, you seem to be a faithful customer of Iwan Ries, are there any house blends of IRC that you would recommend? I've been discouraged by their high international shipping cost and thought that maybe this sale might be an opportunity for me to try some out.
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    Show Off Your James Upshall & Tilshead Pipes

    An XL "DS" bent, which Mr. Ken Barnes just informed me to be a B grade sold by the tobacconist Desmond Sautter.
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    James Upshall Pipes - A Discussion

    Thanks for the reply sir! Good to know that despite lacking the golden stamp, it's supposed to be the equivalent of a B grade.
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    James Upshall Pipes - A Discussion

    Thanks for the information! Wonder which grade this pipe would've received if it wasn't stamped in this unique way.
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    James Upshall Pipes - A Discussion

    Hello Mr. Barnes and fellow Upshall fans! Just purchased an estate Upshall from eBay, a nice XL bent. However, the stamping "DS" is new to me, can anyone help me identify what the letters stand for? Plus, I would like to know if the lack of the "FH" stamp always indicates that the pipe was made...
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    What's Your Strangest Pipe Selling/Buying Story?

    The things anonymity can do...