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  1. 85royals

    Pipe Style Recommendation

    Maybe pick up a cob or cheap hardwood in a few sizes. from there you can maybe judge the size to get in briar.. just a thought
  2. 85royals


    1. 965 2. Mid Day 3. Topsoil 4. Gettysburg 5. Royal Slices
  3. 85royals

    Big Ben Bruyer?

    Looking to pick one up in the next month or so.
  4. 85royals

    What Music Are You Listening To? September 2017

    mostly Lee Morgan right now. sprinkle in a little Post Modern Jukebox and I will have a jazzy afternoon.
  5. 85royals

    Started Up Again

    Hello Friends! after about 10 months to a year off of the pipes I have picked it up again.. had to dust off most of my pipes. I have a great cellar still. loads of 965 and bunch more. happy to be back
  6. 85royals

    Making a Pipe & Cigar Room

    Hello all I'm just a few months away from buying my first home.. Small 3 bedroom house, i want to turn one bed room in to a pipecigar den. you all know, the commfy chair the TV and all that jazz. My concern is i want to keep the rest of my home as smookeless as i can. has any one made a den? any...
  7. 85royals

    First pipe is dying, what should I do?

    I would like to say welcome.. First yes retire that pipe. Get a new cob loads of places carry them Walgreens for example, eBay is also a choice for picking up a new pipe. Your hot problem may come from puffing to much to fast. The tobacco may have a small part to play also. If there is a nice...
  8. 85royals

    Just Returned From Ten Days in Santa Fe

    I love New Mexico if I had a job in my field there I would pack and move tomorrow
  9. 85royals

    Flake, Sliced, Navy Cut, Round Sliced, Orlik, etc.

    Sorry I forgot to post the photo.. These 3 tobaccos and Newminsters Superior Round Slices are tobaccos i was thinking of using only in this pipe.. Thanks for the awesome response
  10. 85royals

    Flake, Sliced, Navy Cut, Round Sliced, Orlik, etc.

    Friends I have a new pipe.. im going to use this pipe only for a type of tobacco, flake style i have a few blends and types what I'm wondering is will these be fine all in the same pipe ? I want no ghosting really juat this new pipe dedicated to these tobaccos Any and all tips and info is...
  11. 85royals

    Mouthpieces For Cigars

    here are a few of my cigar holders
  12. 85royals

    Mouthpieces For Cigars

    I smoke all size cigars.. I have not noticed a huge taste difference. I like to clench my pipes and read or watch TV . This is the main reason I got some. even some nice wood ones. I watch George Burns and he always had his cigar in one. I'll load a photo of the ones I got tomorrow
  13. 85royals

    Mouthpieces For Cigars

    I have been a pipe smoker for a long time, been a cigar smoker for about 3 yrs just bought a few cigar holders.. i like them a great deal as i have never been a clencher for cigars. but this is a game changer i can clench down on the pipe style tip and puff like a pipe.. its great any one else a...
  14. 85royals

    Packing Round Slices

    today another type of tobacco i never tried before a flake.. Drew Estate Gatsby Luxury Flake. wish me luck mates
  15. 85royals

    Tough Decision Today I Faced With Courage

    build up that cellar mate, that's my opinion get as much good stuff stashed away as you can now