The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 1

We are pleased to bring you the debut of The Pipes Magazine Radio Show starring Brian Levine. In this first show, Brian will tell you a little bit about himself so you will get to know who your host is. He has A LOT of experience with pipes and tobacco, and some pretty interesting stories and opinions. He will also talk about pipe shows and pipe clubs, and play some music from a local New Orleans band he heard while visiting “The Big Easy”. Finally, he will share the epic fiasco of trying to smoke his pipe while on a cruise ship that was supposed to allow smoking.

We hope you enjoy our premiere 45-minute show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can listen on iTunes.

[Disclaimer: This premiere episode will have absolutely no collector’s value on eBay in the future.]

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71 Responses

  • I added a player into the page that will work.
    Reload the page and look for the play button below the link.

  • Excellent show!!!! Will definitely enjoy listening to future episodes during my evening pipe experience!

  • Download it here.

  • Wow Brian, you sure covered a lot of material in a very short time. Look forward to future shows and new topics. Your “complaint” section at the end was very entertaining too. Keep up the good work.

  • The over the top entire lengh of a CD song was my favorite! I can hardly wait to download that exciting part again!

  • great show. More More More. Enjoyed listening to it while I was working in the shop and enjoying a few bowls.

  • Nice job Brian! Great segment on the pipe shows. I attended my first show this year at Columbus. Certainly won’t be my last. Hope to catch up with you at Chicago next year. I’ll be listening next week.

  • I just got a chance to listen and I enjoyed the show a lot. I am new to pipe making, but this is my second go round at smoking them. I smoked cheep tobacco in the navy 25 years ago. I quit soon after I got out. I decided to pick it back up last year and I saw a pipe kit from Tinsky and the bug bit me. Now I am on an intense learning quest. I am looking forward to listening and learning. Keep up the good work you have a pleasant voice goes good with a quite smoke after the kids go to bed!(I am a single dad of 2 little ones my days are chaos)

  • Sitting on my deck, listening and smoking a bowl. Very funny, informative & interesting. Like the idea of some pipe trivia in each show. Well done.

  • Great show!Congrats!Quite enjoyed it but, I would suggest a “noise gate” for the “tape hiss”.Granted I do love the analog warmth, but the “hiss” takes away from the professionalism put into the recording.Not to criticize as it may have been unnoticed while being live.It’s just that I personally could hear it since I do recording myself.Great show overall and can’t wait for next week.

  • Awesome show! I really like hearing about his history in the pipe world. Kevin you definitely chose the right person!

  • I’m glad you guys enjoyed the first show. I thought it came out pretty good, especially for the first attempt. Just wait for the future shows. They will be even better as we get more practice at this. Thanks for listening, and tune in again next Thursday at 8pm eastern, please.

  • Good show last night, helped me forget I was living in a small city south of Texas and I was somewhere else with other pipe smokers. Cheers!

  • Brian,
    I have sent to all the TAPS Pipe Club members, in Raleigh N.C,notice of your excellent
    radio program.Loved the format,humor and the content.Looking forward to the next installment.Happy smoking!

  • Great job guys!!! Brian, the Brigham Klondike #619 that I picked up in Chicago last May is smoking like a dream!! The perfect VA pipe!!!

  • Brian….Enjoyed the first show…..bought back memories of talking to you at shows when you worked for PS…..Good luck and I will see you in St.Louis…
    Larry V. from the former “Moore’s Tobacco Shop” Danville, IL.

  • We need a archive link that will contain all the broadcasts so we can download them to a desktop or notebook in MP3 format.

  • Brian was fantastic! I’m hoping he will tell us more about himself in upcoming shows. As I recall, he told me that his parents were hippies and he was brought up in a commune at various times, and, while he is close to his parents, he rebelled by embracing the world of tobacco. If that’s true, we’d love to hear more. For those of you who have not met Brian, he truly is a great guy.

  • This was just a wonderful first show!! It will be great to see how this show develops over time. Highly Recommended.

  • An auspicious beginning Brian. Interesting hearing your bona fides. With your varied background you should make an excellent host.

  • I thought that was absolutely amazing. I loved to humor and the info that was involved. I will certaintly be tuning in next week to listen. Great job and loved the Greg Pease joke.

  • A terrific show, Brian. I enjoyed all aspects of the program, including the “rant” on your cruise experience. I read yesterday of a new farpotshket British study that tested a very small number of folk, and came up with the “possibility” that second-hand smoke affects memory! What next? However, I can’t remember where I read it, or how many people were tested. Perhaps I should avoid smokers. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me being in my late sixties. Perhaps a rant on these knuckle-head “scientific” studies. Now, where the hell are my glasses?

  • Great show Brian. Next episode, let us know when and where the new tobaccos you will carry will be avaiable.

  • Excellent show. Great information and style. What was the best was the Cruise ship information. Brian, I agree with you and I will never go on those cruise ships. They apparently do not want us and I do want to be where I am not wanted. They would rather have a bunch of drunk, overweight, cigarette smoking customers. Well too bad for them.

  • Great show, Brian! I really enjoyed it. Had a feeling it would be good, knowing you, and sure enough… Looking forward to more!

  • Just got done listening to the radio show and really liked it! Had alot of great info and insight. I have to admit, I have been involved with the youtube pipe community and to be honest i’m pretty burnt out with it!! You can only watch so many videos with a guy doing a YABO and lighting a pipe.
    Keep up the great job and look forward to next week….Joe

  • I thought this was a wonderful, relaxing show with good humor and attitude. Keep up the good work! I felt the cruise ship rant ran a little too long — though Brian’s narrative style kept it interesting. I enjoyed the whole show so much I don’t know where the time went.
    I second Patty’s suggestion for a weekly trivia segment. It’s interesting, and probably no coincidence that 4noggins was one of the e-mag’s pioneer sponsors, and here they are again stepping-up to support this unique format. Hmmm, I think I’ll place an order for a big batch of their Prairie Wind blend.

  • Excellent Show Brian! Enjoyed the Industry “insider” info. and humor. Would like to hear more of your dealings with Dunhill,Stokkebye etc., and other fun “war stories” you might be willing to share…
    Great Job! The time flew by quickly – Can’t wait for more!

  • Nice show. I felt a little sting when you mentioned YouTube presenters not having good information. I understand you weren’t making a sweeping statement, but I still winced a bit.

  • Is there somewhere else to get other than iTunes? I was getting the previous 20 episodes via iTunes, but today, I was logged out. Now, when I lot in, I can’t download the shows unless I put in my credit card information. I don’t really use iTunes for anything else and I’m reluctant to post that info. But, I’d love to get Episode #21….